Live A Thousand Lives With Wild Wild’s New Album.

If you’re looking for a song that will enrich your life and give you an epic case of the feels, then look no further than “Caspian” by The Wild Wild. The song is from their upcoming LP, Into The Sea and into the Stars, due for release on January 22nd.

photo: @shervin lainez
photo: @shervin lainez

Into the seas and Into the Stars is essentially a journey album that will make you feel as if you have lived a thousand lives after you listen to the entire thing.  Benjamin Dunn, the man behind The Wild Wild, states that he got the inspiration for this particular album by spending a lot of time on a beach in California. He also says  the album has the ability to make the listener feel like they are right there on the beach with him.

The album has been described as a mix of electro, indie and pop, which are all beautifully woven around Dunn’s voice into the masterpiece that he spent countless hours in the studio trying to create for his fans.  Listening to a few of the songs myself, I can assure you that the man that claims to have lived a thousand different lives does not disappoint in this epic journey of an album.

The upcoming album draws on a multitude of inspirations, including Greek mythology, a love of outer space and C.S. Lewis. You can hear a lot of the love of space influence in the song, “Caspian,” as the intro of the song sounds like the beginning of an epic space voyage. The song then picks up a bit with some pretty amazing background sounds, before climaxing into the first couple of lines of the song.

As for the singing, Dunn does a fantastic job of changing his vocal range throughout the song and never misses a beat while doing it. Dunn’s voice in “Caspian” can be best described as hypnotic and seamlessly smooth. Almost like a lullaby, Dunn will captivate and wow you instantly with his singing abilities.

The message for this song seems to be for fans to follow their heart, especially with Dunn almost pleading with the listener in the chorus to follow what their heart most desires. Best of all, this song is brutally honest in a loving tone and I think that is what fans will appreciate most about “Caspian.”

The album Into The Sea, Into The Stars is available for purchase via 2 disc album, vinyl,

Brian Thorn

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