Hey Mercedes – Everything’s Fine at The Social

IMG_2351Hey Mercedes are a punktastic, jolly good time of a band from the Chicago / Milwaukee area. Raked from the ashes of the understated Braid, the band formed in 1999 and released their most notable album Everynight Fire Works in October of 2001. The band released one more album, Loses Control, two years later and called it quits in 2005. They burned fast and bright, and left some really great material behind, great enough for a 15 year anniversary tour of the Everynight Fire Works record.

Fast forward 15 years, that punktastic band is still there, with a fanIMG_2362 base eager for some 2001 nostalgia and the band delivered. I wasn’t sure just what to expect as I trampled into The Social in Downtown Orlando, FL, but the venue was amazing. The stage was directly 20 feet in front of the bar and an amazing place to get an intimate, but bloody loud, rock show. Hey Mercedes skipped out onstage around 10:30 roaring into the set. The band sounded tight, energetic, and showed their appreciation for their fans as lead singer, Bob Nanna, bantered back and forth with the crowd in a boyish and charismatic way. They were having fun playing, and that is always refreshing to see with any live act.

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IMG_2364 (2)The band played some crowd favorites, and launched into their backbone record, Everynight Fire Works from front to back. It seemed the crowd of 200+ knew every word, as there were many times Nanna would step away from the vocals only to hear the crowd continue singing the song with call and response in tow. There was not one crack in their armor as they pushed through songs that haven’t been heard live in 15 years. I’ve said this before, but touring entire albums live can be dangerous, but with Hey Mercedes it worked well.

Coupled with opening acts, and Tampa natives Pohgoh, and Atlanta newcomers Microwave, it was well worth the time spent in Downtown Orlando.

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