Grit, Glory, and The Magic Lightnin’ Boys Stealin’ Thunder

The Magic Lightnin’ Boys combine grit, glory, swamp, sweat, and Aunt Alice’s cold lemonade on the front porch after a long hard day in the hot summer sun. After I heard their new record, Stealin’ Thunder, I jumped out of my chair, yelled “hot damn”, and called my grandma in Kentucky to see if she would make, and mail, me her patented biscuits and gravy, complete with heart-attack sausage grease.

Stealin’ Thunder is a record of contrasts from the bluesiest, stompin’, heartbreak of a tune, to the most beautiful, guitar-centered instrumentals, the record definitely tells a story, on its own terms, from an honesty and reality that is missing from modern music.

Stealin Thunder CD CoverMost of the songs on this record cut the air like a hot knife through butter. “Bones” has lead vocalist Casey Gomez singing with his heart in a vice. “April Rain” is a feel good, slant on life that “always feels better with a cheap ass bottle of wine”. “The Ride” puts some fancy harmonica work front and center before breaking into a guitar riff that would make the likes of Stevie Ray Vaughn, as well as Soundgarden perk their ears. “Rubber Side Down” lives in a smoky, sticky-floored, dive bar and will never be set free.

With that being said, I was most impressed with the instrumental side of the record that provided almost a palette cleansing as if they were showcasing the fix for the rest of the album. One of those instrumentals is actually titled “The Cleansing” and provides an aura of Appalachia finger picking around a fire on a starry night. “Bondo’s Ballad” is a short breath with a Latin flair.

Not all the songs on the record connect right away, but Stealin’ Thunder definitely raised the bar for bringing back that old blues rock sound for a new audience.

Check out lead single “The Ride”

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