Fear City Album Review

Fear City Album Review – Surf Rock from NYC

Fear City Album ReviewEarlier this month, fans of guitar rock were gifted with a new instrumental album from New York City surf rock trio Fear City. The music on their new album is timeless and comfortable, yet distinctive and urgent. It’s like a journey into a world where Huntington Beach borders early 70’s Times Square.

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Fear City is comprised of talented musicians Rory Fortune (guitar), Marlon Sporer (bass) and drummer Michael Seidenfeld. They are three like-minded souls looking to reimagine an iconic guitar rock sound and on their eponymous album they do a damn good job of that.

Give the album a listen all of the way through whether you’re a surf rock fan or not. The ten tracks are all nicely done: well-written and produced.  Starting with the hard-driving opening track, “Big Slab” I immediately was pulled in by the musicianship of the trio and  intrigued by the filthy, surf-meets-garage rock sound.

Despite being from the same distinctive genre, the songs are actually quite diverse across the album as best highlighted in the final three tracks.

  • My favorite was “Redeemer” a slinky, gritty voyage through the seediest part of the wharf. Rats scatter and moonlight glints off of the broken factory windows as a lone surfer heads to the water’s edge, longboard tucked under his arm, while this sick, majestic guitar carries him along.
  • The next track, “Killer” is a frenetic fast-paced ride with a totally different, yet intoxicating vibe.
  • The final offering, “The Color of Blood,” is probably the most commercial, classic rock sound on the album. Rock solid drums and bass are the perfect accompaniment to the pristine guitar work.

Unfortunately, it’s hard to make money creating truly original music these days, and even tougher when you are delivering something as distinctive as this album. In any event, the guys from Fear City can find comfort in the fact they delivered a meaningful album, packed with excellent, passionate music.

If you are in the NYC area, make sure you catch their album release show this Thursday night (Dec. 1) at Lucky 13 Saloon in Brooklyn.
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