Christian and the 2120’s – Moments – Album Review

1Christian and the 2120’s are a rock band from Sweden that combine the passion of true American rock n’ roll with a larger worldview and narrative that doesn’t become pretentious. Forming in 2008, the group has since produced 4 full length records and 2 EP’s with numerous spots on the TV shows Sons of Anarchy, CSI Miami, and The Good Wife. With the recent pop culture leanings to music of the 50’s and 60’s, they should really be bigger than they are.

Moments could very well be their breakthrough. The vibe on the record is electric, its head-nodding cool that hasn’t been heard since Chris Isaak’s Southern California duck tail.

“Shake For Me” is a barroom classic with minimal drums, acoustic guitar, all compacted nicely in a late 60’s muscle car. “Have Mercy” offers a staccato guitar and wailing vocals to complement a mesmerizing beat. “Move On” is another barnburner with good traction and driving bass line. “Slowdance” does just that and takes the album down a notch without losing the records core sound, a bluesy organ in tow. “Tough Love” is a smoky, dive bar, slow jam.

The 2120’s are a crack band and push the mood of the record very well. Moments has some issue with song diversity, but turn on the record at sunset on a long drive and see where it takes you.

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