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raras radioYou’ve read it here countless times. Today’s rock radio in the good old USA is kind of weak… ok, it totally sucks. There are some decent stations out there, but even those few listenable stations are rehashing the same hits from the past five decades.  So, being the caring folks that we are, we have an alternative for you…

We’ve commissioned Cretin to create a few Spotify alternative rock playlists for your listening pleasure.  You’ll find some old staples out there, but the core desire was to highlight some of the fantastic and underappreciated new rock still being pumped out by talented rock musicians today.

You can open Spotify and search for “Cretin”, or “RARAs.” We suggest following Cretin and then checking out his playlists and following the ones that interest you. All of these list with the exception of the annual best of lists will be updated regularly, as we discover excellent new rock.

If you have suggestions for any of these lists, hit us up on the RARAs Farm Facebook Page. And, if you like this, Like it or Share it 🙂

RARAs Gnu Music: New Alternative rock. All music from the past twelve months, including superstars and acts you’ve never heard of.

RARAs Crank It Loud: New hard rock / active rock. Music with melodies and without the incessant screaming.

RARAs sPUNKy: Pop-punk. New songs that span the pop to punk continuum.

RARAs Toes In the Sand: Kind of eclectic mix of ska/reggae/beach stuff (new and old) that feels good with your toes in the sand.

RARAs Cover Songs: Interesting covers of songs you have heard before.  A few are deep finds, and some you will know immediately.

RARAs Driving Songs: Mostly classic rock tracks, but a few from off of the beaten path.


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