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This trio from Texas exploded onto our new music radar last year with their fantastic debut effort 409. This week, they release another compelling offering, Bodacious, a collection of twelve intriguing rock tracks.

Bodacious, out 4/1 on Play It Again Sam records
Bodacious, out 4/1 on Play It Again Sam records

409 ended 2015 firmly entrenched on our Albums of the Year list, where it placed inside our Top Ten. It’s a bit too early to predict a repeat with Bodacious, but this one’s pretty damn good, too.

The music on their Sophomore album is gritty, intense, passionate, fun, and in many cases thoroughly captivating. Bodacious is one of the most diverse albums I’ve heard in years, and far different than most music flowing through my brain these days. It’s like a diabolical box of Forrest’s chocolates, where some of the treats are filled with the most bitter hops, while others are packed with sweet nectar.

The general feel of the album is rebellious angst, but listening to the lyrics, there’s a healthy serving of fun and free spiritedness, too. I don’t love every song on the album, but I love that this talented trio is willing to try significantly different things from song to song. It’s as if they said “Fuck it, we’re going to play what we feel like playing, take it or leave it.” It’s a welcome and refreshing approach that’s generally difficult to find these days.

Purple - photo by Todd V. Wolfson
Purple – photo by Todd V. Wolfson

Drummer/vocalist Hanna Brewer and her writing partner, guitarist/vocalist Taylor Busby feed off of each other well, and are the driving force behind the unique blend of music. “Taylor was the first person I was ever able to write with,” Hanna adds. “When we started jamming together, our voices came together like one voice. He took some of my stuff and I took some of his stuff, and that became our style. We were all just drunk and pissed-off, and we never thought much about what kind of music we wanted to play. We just played together, and this is what came out.” The result is something special, and a sound that surely translates explosively in a live setting.

Bodacious explodes through the speakers with the raucous, angry, guitar-driven rocker, “Backbone,” and then kicks it up a notch with rollicking “Minivan” where Busby’s vocals would give Anthony Kiedis a run for his money. Other standout songs include “Birthday,” “Be Empty” and the title track, “Bodacious,” but my personal favorite is “Geniva,” which is a spotlight for Busby, featuring heavy, dirty guitars and killer vocals.

“Bliss” is one of the more mainstream tracks on the album, and likely one of the few offerings that will have any appeal to commercial radio… too bad, because there are a lot of other excellent tracks on the album. On the more melodic side, we have a song like “Pretty Mouth” that brings distinct comparisons to Gwen Stefani during her No Doubt heydey. It’s a poppy track with interesting lyrics riding a distinctive reggae feel.

Check out the Play It Again, Sam release on April 1st and see if you appreciate it as much as I do!

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