Behind the Wraps – Interview with Here Come The Mummies

They’re probably the most successful mummified musical act from the past millennium, and RARA’s Farm was fortunate enough to carve out a few minutes from their hectic schedule to understand a bit more about these talented, mysterious musicians.

Here Come The Mummies Live
Here Come The Mummies Live

Here Come The Mummies (HCTM) kick off their tour on March 3rd, and visit Orlando’s Plaza Theatre on the 4th, and put on a timeless, memorable show not to be missed.

Cretin:  After you all arose uncursed from your crypts at the beginning of this millennium, after 5,000 years in your graves, how long should we expect you to continue to tour?
HCTM: For evermore, baby. That is the silver lining to being cursed to wander forever by a lunatic and rage-blinded Pharaoh. It’s not exactly like we’re burning in hell… we’re kinda having a good time here.

Cretin: What’s on the horizon for the band over the next phase of your lives?
HCTM: We just made what we think is gonna be one of our best records, co-produced by this whack cat called F.Ried Chicken. It is mad-soulful, Motown-inflected, and multi-dimensional. It’ll be out soon. You’re gonna love it.  There will be other surprises that one has to use one’s eyes for, too. More than that, we cannot say.

Cretin: What is the greatest inspiration for your music?
HCTM: One word (in its plural form): Ladies.

Cretin: Over Millennia, music has changed immensely from sistrum, rectangular drums, wooden clappers and menits – is there a chance we see you revert to those instruments during ‘80’s (not 1980’s) Flashback Tour?
HCTM: Well, instruments may have evolved since then, but you still have to strum strings and shake, rattle and otherwise beat on stuff in rhythm to make music. So, the more things change, the more they stay the same. That said, you never know what we’re gonna haul out: Spaz has a damn hydraulis. Sounds damned beautiful too. Though it is not exactly portable, and certainly not potable.

Here Come The Mummies
Here Come The Mummies

Cretin: Electricity – the best or worst thing that ever happened to live music?
HCTM: Best thing to happen to music, worst thing to happen to the theatre.

Cretin: Do you all prefer the recording process, or live performances?
HCTM: They are different mindsets that are both enjoyable. Recording, you get to try stuff, experiment with bold new techniques, and if it doesn’t work, nobody ever finds out. Live, if you try something daring, and it flops… well, you have to own it and look like you meant to do that.

Cretin: Back in the heydey of the Egyptian Kingdom, while the fellows were out building pyramids, most of the musicians were women. How did you all avoid the exhausting pyramid building profession?
HCTM: By being stealthy… okay, cross-dressing.

Cretin: If I am able to score press credentials for that show, will I be able to photograph you all playing live – or is there some kind of mysterious  vampire effect?
HCTM: Go for it, man. We’re not afraid it’s gonna steal our souls or anything superstitious like that, but looking through that viewfinder may cause your face to melt a little.

Cretin: Any thoughts about coming back to the Plaza Theatre in Orlando?
HCTM: We love The Plaza. Always a lively and enthusiastic crowd of fine looking people. Note: If the construction is all done you will have done away with one of the finest music-video sets of all time. See “Tangled” on our YouTube channel.

Here Come The Mummies are infamous for their creative shows and superb musicianship.  Catch them on tour beginning Thursday, March 3rd, 2016 A.D. – It’s a night you will never forget.  (Full tour dates below.)

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Tour Dates
3/3: Neighborhood Theatre- charlotte, NC
3/4: The Plaza Live- Orlando, FL
3/5: FunkFest 7- Punta Gorda, FL
3/6: Key West Theater- Key West, FL
3/10: Jergels Rhythm Grille- Warrendale, PA
3/11: Rams Head On Stage- Annapolis, MD
3/12: BB King Blues Club & Grill- New York, NY
3/17: Turner Hall Ballroom- Milwaukee, WI
3/18: Durty Nellies- Palatine, IL
3/19: Diamond Jo Casino- Dubuque, IA
3/24: The Blue Note- Columbia, MO
3/25: Bluebird Nightclub- Bloomington, IN
3/26: District- Rockford, IL

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