Awkwardness Rewarded: New Music from MANWOMANCHILD

Philadelphia’s MANWOMANCHILD release their stylistic new album Awkward Island today, and it’s a creative new offering definitely worth a listen for fans of Indie Rock.

nwomanchild Awkward Island cover

Awkward Island is a nice, diverse mix of catchy pop rock nuggets. David Child’s distinctive emotive voice is the one constant on an album that shows off the artist’s wide range of talent. The fact that the 10 songs were recorded in three cities over a period of five years explains the gently evolving sounds.

Stand out tracks includedt the first two on the album. “I Know A Man” which is a groovy, psychedelic flashback to the 60’s left me dancing to the armoire in search of my favorite tie-dyed shirt. Then, on the very next song, “The Retreat,” I heard Child channeling his inner Brandon Flowers, in an erratic yet pleasing journey. I also enjoyed the nostalgic, dreamy “Return To Ithaca.”

My favorite track is the first single off the album, “Change The Channel.” It’s a fun, catchy track guaranteed to lodge itself between your ears for awhile. Everytime I hear the track, I find myself, nodding my head, tapping my toes, and singing along happily. You can check it out here yourself:

The album is available today on iTunes and Bandcamp. Check the songs out on drop a few bucks for some sweet new Indie Rock.

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