Anyone's Guess So Long Video

Anyone’s Guess So Long Video Premiere

Anyone’s Guess So Long Video Premiere and Interview

anyone's guess so longToday is release day for “So Long” the brand new video from Orlando alt-rockers Anyone’s Guess.  To celebrate this momentous occasion, we chatted with singer/bassist Sanja Jovanovic.  Check out her thoughts, and then take a peek at the “So Long” premiere below.

The “So Long” creative process

Cretin: Tell us a bit about the creative process for the band in recording “So Long”
Sanja Jovanovic: “So Long” came about very organically on each instrument. It was also one of the songs that Brian Virtue (our producer) made minimal changes to when we went into the studio. We wrote songs for this album for months, and ended up with 30 some songs which we trimmed down to 14 and sent to Brian. He wrote back saying we need to pick the songs we want to record and send them to him, that he’s not picking them for us. We only had the budget for 6, so we trimmed them down, and “So Long” made the cut.

Anyone's Guess So Long

Brian didn’t want to make a decision on whether or not he will work with us until the vocals were on there, so we recorded those and sent them off. Then we waited for his answer, in agony. And I’ll never forget that first phone call where he said he really likes the songs.

We recorded the whole album at Alpaca Ranch Recording Studio. We were in that studio for 8 days straight, 15 hours a day. The whole experience was really amazing. Just thinking about the fact that our supporters believed in us so much that they gave us this huge chunk of money is mind-blowing. And even if nothing else ever happens in my career, I can one day sit in my rocking chair and tell my grandchildren how their grammy used to drink Jack and Coke while watching her guitarist being chased around the studio with a Nerf gun by the same guy who produced 30 Seconds to Mars and Chevelle.

Cretin: The lyrics on “So Long” sound like they are referring to a real experience?
Sanja Jovanovic: All my lyrics are about something I’ve experienced. It doesn’t have to be an event, or even something recent, it can just be a moment of epiphany, anger, liberation… and So Long is no different. Everyone experiences things differently and we seek refuge in music, so I don’t like defining my songs. It has its own meaning to me, but it will mean something different to each person that hears it and that’s exactly how I like it.

So Long Video Premiere

With no further ado – here’s the video premiere for Anyone’s Guess “So Long.” Enjoy!

The new album: Commitment Issues

Cretin: Do you have a favorite track on the new album?
Sanja Jovanovic: I like them all, but I have a soft spot for songs that hit you right in the core. Circus does that to me every time. Before we release a new album we always get some family and friends together at a party to listen to the whole album, and help us pick the single. When we tallied the votes at the Commitment Issues single picking party, Circus and So Long were tied in the first spot. We ended up going with “So Long” because we felt that “Circus” may be a little too dark to be sent out into the world all alone to gain us new fans.

Cretin: Are any of the Commitment Issues tracks particularly fun for you to play live?
Sanja Jovanovic: “Fairytale” is extremely fun to play live. I think a part of that appeal is the driving, hard-hitting feel it has.

Commitment Issues CD Release Party

The album release show for Commitment Issues is December 2nd at Venue 578 in Orlando. Anyone’s Guess will be joined by some killer local acts (and RARAsFarm favorites): Kill The Sound, Felicity and Fiery Sushi. If you contact us via our RARAsFarm Facebook or Twitter accounts, we’ll hook you up with free tickets to the album release show.

Cretin: What can the fans expect to hear at the album release show on December 2nd?
Sanja Jovanovic: That’s a secret. But I promise it will be a good time.

Cretin: How did you put the lineup together for the album release show
Sanja Jovanovic: I’ve been friends with Kim from Kill the Sound for years, and we’ve been talking about doing a big show together this year, so when the CD release came up it was a given to put them on the show. As far as Fiery Sushi and FELICITY goes, we felt that their music would be a great fit for our sound, and we’ve heard great things about both bands, so we hit them up and they were on board right away. We’re all stoked. I think the audience is going to really dig everyone on the bill that night.

She’s right. This is a great line-up and a fantastic way to celebrate the release of the excellent new album, Commitment Issues.

Again, hit us up on our socials for free tickets to the show.

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