Anyone’s Guess CD Release Show

Anyone’s Guess CD Release Show Recap – Venue 578

Anyone's Guess CD ReleaseIn celebration of the release of their excellent new album, Commitment Issues, Anyone’s Guess threw a memorable party at Orlando’s Venue 578 this weekend.  The Orlando rockers put together a killer line-up of local bands to share the stage on their big night.

Anyone’s Guess was joined by Orlando acts Fiery Sushi, Felicity and Kill the Sound.  The four bands all delivered entertaining sets of alternative rock in a crowd packed with passionate music fans.

Aside from celebrating the release of Commitment Issues, the evening was a true testament to the commitment and bonds inherent in the Orlando rock music community.  The crowd was peppered with members of local bands who supported every act who took the stage.

We had a photographer at the show and will be publishing a slew of photos over the next few days. We’ll have shots of all four bands, as well as some crowd shots.  To see them, make sure you Like our Facebook page HERE.

With the stage lights dark, Anyone’s Guess took the stage to a ferocious drum solo. As the guitar and bass kicked in, the energy in the room was palpable and from there, the band never slowed down.

Anyone's Guess CD Release

Dynamic frontwoman Sanja Jovanovic delivered a fantastic performance.  She started the set with her bass slung over her shoulder, but really commanded the stage when the trio became a quartet and Madison Macko took over on bass.  Jovanovic was freed to stalk the stage, connecting with her many fans in attendance.  She also grabbed an acoustic guitar for a bit.

Clint Chambers on guitar delivered effortless guitar work throughout the set and just oozes with talent and charisma. He was all over the stage, smiled frequently and spent most of the set connecting with the crowd.

The night was filled with music from Commitment Issues, but the band threw in a few older cuts, including an incendiary version of “Apathy.”

Two highlights from the new album were “Fairytale,” a song that Jovanovic introduced with references to her unconventional fairytale life.  The band also delivered a memorable version of “Circus,” a song she introduced with “This song is about some weird shit, and it’s my favorite.”

Anyone's Guess CD Release
Anyone’s Guess – Photo: Jay Verdesca

Another highlight was their cover of Dashboard Confessional’s “Vindicated” which turned into a raucous singalong.  Shortly afterwards, they were joined on stage by local musician Clarisa Kelley. It all fed into the party vibe that dominated the night.

You can preorder the album here:

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Fiery Sushi

This quintet was one of three female-fronted bands on the night, and they got the evening off to a nice start.  They delivered 30 minutes of alternative rock powered by drummer Carlos Quezada who was an early highlight.  Singer Maria Jazel interacted with the crowd throughout and was a compelling presence on stage.


Pop punk done right.  This fivesome consistently delivers invigorating rock and the five band members are in a state of constant motion, flying around the stage.  Bassist Mike is a whirling dervish from start to finish and singer Damien was out moshing in the crowd during one song.  Of all the Orlando bands I’ve seen live recently, I feel these guys are the closest to making a commercial breakthrough, as there sound is already perfectly suited for venues like Vans Warped Tour.

Anyone's Guess CD Release - Felicity
Felicity – Photo: Jay Verdesca
Kill The Sound

As the night progressed the music steadily got heavier, and Kill The Sound was a perfect fit to close the night.  They delivered a nonstop set of raging rock, highlighted by diverse vocals.   Kim Acoustic is an effervescent front woman who dishes out the more melodic vocals.  She’s been joined by Michael, a new singer who takes care of the unclean vocals.  And, on this night for a bit, the band was reunited with their original unclean vocalist Ally Sosa.

The Crowd

As noted earlier, the crowd was packed with members from other local bands.  We chatted with members from Blaine The Mono, A Brilliant Lie and Leaving Haven – all three bands out in force to support the local scene.

On a side note, the Leaving Haven band is still patiently auditioning for a new vocalist to fill Trev Hastings shoes.

Venue 578

This was my first trip back to the venue in a few years.  Love the setup of this room, and I was happy to be back.  They also boast the top lighting arrangement of all the local clubs (as you will see in the photos).  The one negative was that the mix was a little mushy all night, although it did seem to improve as the night wore on, but that may have just been a result of the PBRs.

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