Album Review: Tumbler – Come to the Edge

untitledSo…. This next band got me thinking about the definition of pop music. It’s a word we throw around, but I believe has many different meanings for different people.

For instance:

Under all the distortion of attitude, and ominous noise of rock, punk, and metal…. There are certain songs that you want to sing out loud, they stay with you, and they are for the most part, fun to sing out loud when you’re by yourself in the shower, or on a solo road trip…

Ready for my sacrilegious statements…..

Under the blanket of Nirvana’s maniacal guitars was a songwriter trying to emulate The Beatles. The Clash offered a message, but “Train in Vain” is on par with anything Phil Collins wrote. Tell me the chorus from Metallica’s “One” doesn’t want to pop out from its down-tuned guitars like a daisy after a long arduous winter….

Still with me?

Tumbler is not a punk or metal outfit…. But fuck if they aren’t untitled1really good songwriters. The trio from Epsom, England Offer Come to the Edge, a collection of songs that will stick on you like shiny, little, pop dust mites, burrowing into your skin and staying there until you wash that sheen off. I believe that those tiny, little Tumbler dust mites might actually make your skin look and feel better. In fact, you might want to leave them there for a while, as resistance may be futile. All with ninja like skill, a heartthrob for a singer.

The group moves seamlessly from a little blues, to a little country, to a little rock, all heavily leaning on pop and with vocalists, Harry Grace’s, innocent and tender vocals not yet heartbroken. But… this isn’t 5 Seconds of Summer, or One Direction, this is a trio, two of which are father / son with a wide range in age; that range in age and a collaborative nature that fuels the spot-on songwriting. “Falling” sends great melodies to the piano with a bombastic, and high energy chorus. “Nothing to Hold You” starts out on a front porch singing to the corn fields, opening to another great big chorus. “Sweetest Thing,” I picture was first heard around a piano at a family function with drinks in hand yelling at each other – like in an old-timey movie. “Week”, and “Winter Cold Heart”, are multi-layered, emotional beauties. “In Safe Hands” is a powerful use of lyrical content. “Dial” provides real tears, augmented by its use of strings. And so on…

So…. Let’s give credit where credit is due…. Enjoy your music… you can like Taylor Swift, Slayer, Meshuggah, Katy Perry, Kendrick Lamar, and Lamb of God all at the same time and it’s OK. I will be listening to James Taylor shortly, and then maybe Behemoth will find its way in there…..

Maybe Johnny Thunders, or Iron Maiden, or Peter Gabriel, but definitely Tumbler….

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Brian Furman


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