Album Review: The Furious Seasons – Look West

The Furious Seasons Look West Album Review

furiousThe Furious Seasons are a three piece acoustic breath from Los Angeles. The band might as well be or anywhere that Cat Stevens / Yusuf Islam or David Gray are playing because they are cut from the same cloth, down to the unsteady vibrato from vocalist David Steinhart. Their latest record Look west  is a gritty, honest, subtle, and easy listen. It’s perfect for the refreshing cool that an October chill on a dirt trail can bring. The earthen harmonies and clean acoustic guitars may be suited within an American Midwest backdrop rather than their Southern California home, but that doesn’t necessarily matter here. The songs seem rooted around a campfire, and I half-expected live cheers before the last chord of each one.

Album opener “Longshot” pulls the heartstrings with its cinematicfurious-2 chord progressions and stripped down harmonies. “Simple and Clean” is easy to sing along to, with a blues guitar solo and poignant lyrics about broken love thrown in for good measure. “Roll Out the Future” opens with a guitar that trips on icicles prior to the verse. “The Tape” offers another crying guitar lick, and once again tells the story of relationships. “Summer Flame” doesn’t break the pattern, but speaks to the vocalists younger days.

Look West is the first wholly acoustic record in Steinhart’s long career and is a welcome change from previous ventures. The record is full of nostalgia, emotional depth, and pensive lyrics, that I felt, meant to be listened to with an introspective glare, perfect for seeking solace under the chill of the autumn night sky.

Look west is the Furious Season’s 5th album and  is slated for release on October 7th.

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