Album Review: The Departure – Gateways

2Pop-punk has always been a thing right? It didn’t start with Green Day or Blink 182. Try not to dance to The Sex Pistols, “Anarchy In the UK”, and The Clash’s “Rudy Can’t Fail”, or anything by Husker Du. It really goes back to the likes of the Kinks, who are super underrated as a proto-punk band. But in reality, who doesn’t want to dance while throwing snarky, pouty faces at endearing fans wearing safety pins in their nostrils.

With that being said, Salt Lake City’s, The Departure offer some of1 that glittery, poppy, punky sheen, with some well-done chinks in the armor, and a touch of metal for good taste on their 7-song EP Gateways. “For The Best” starts off as the driving song of the summer, and turns up the energy halfway through. “Gateways” twists a seemingly tender piano ballad through a Plato machine of thick power chord structures. “The Sea Part II” verges on the edge of Progressive rock with a beautiful string arrangement pulsing throughout, until the screaming punches. “Lonely Eyes” offers another viewpoint with an acoustic ballad and solid guitar work.

Gateways is a good record for those who like differing ends of a short spectrum. The album leans on metal, shows the bands tender side, as well as how far they can stretch the punk genre into new territory. I like it, and hopefully you will too…

And give more props to The Kinks dammit….

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