Album Review: Robert Nix – Once In A Blue Moon

nixRobert Nix’s newest record Once in a Blue Moon is an experimental dirge. There are moments of fury, absurdity, outlandishness, beauty, with no sharpened corners to hold onto. The record almost feels like a loss of control, as if the music was bringing Nix along for the ride. There are no parameters to work through, nothing very tangible to hold. But I wouldn’t call it messy or unorganized, just another perspective of an art form, and one that I can appreciate.

Album opener “Won’t Go with the Flow” offers a semblance of a memorable chorus with beautiful piano work. There are time signature changes that show up willy nilly. in the case of “Watch Us Fall” the song changes tempo just as the listener was getting comfortable. “Dad’s Song” and “Real Time Drum Solo” provide avant-garde instrumentals to work through. “Stop the Cruelty (You Mindless Human)” berates the human race with quips on killing the planet, but offers no solution.

Once in a Blue Moon is a tremendously challenging, chilling, and uncomfortable listen. There are no pop songs, nothing to sing along too, but there are so many layers to the record it’s hard to ignore. Robert Nix has crafted a record that breaks rules and doesn’t apologize for it.

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