Album Review: Periphery – Periphery III: Select Difficulty

PERIPHERY_PeripheryIII-SelectDifficulty-2-2Bands that put out double records usually take much needed extended downtime after the release and subsequent tour that follows. Periphery decided to make another kick ass record… Fresh off the aptly titled Juggernaut: Alpha, and Juggernaut: Omega which landed them applause from critics and fans alike, the band took that downtime and focused it on Periphery III: Select Difficulty, a record that shows their badass skull crushing force, technical instrumentation, as well as their cleaner, more melodic side all thrust inside an atom-splitting shell.

Periphery does Periphery better than any band out there, and while that may be a very weird statement, in this day of lacking originality, that is really saying a mountain of words.

There is no other band that combines the machinery and rawness ofperipheryjosefatorres1 metal, with as much melody and gracefulness. First single and, most bruising record on the album, “The Price is Wrong” brings that rawness right out the gate. “Motormouth” combines a rough clean chorus with a sing-along groove. “The Way the News Goes” showcases that disparity with a beautiful piano outro. “Remain Indoors” pukes a bombastic verse and an emotional chorus that splits that fine line between a mosh pit and a pop song. “Absolomb” very much showcases lead singer Spencer Sotelo’s soaring voice alongside Misha Mansoor, Mark Holcomb, and Jake Bowen’s triple guitar chopped salad.

My favorite song on the record is “Marigold” The synth driven intro and guitar echo melds beautifully together pushing the intense verse into new, yet familiar territory. Once again the chorus is the driving force behind a memorable dirge of rainbows.

Periphery continue to push the boundaries of what constitutes metal music. The band seems to have found a core sound that combines all of their musician craftsmanship and technicality, songwriting skills, pop-hook sensibility, and spine-bruising punishment. Periphery III – Select Difficulty delivers.

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