Album Review – Night Marcher’s Modern Maze

Night Marcher’s Modern Maze is a solid, psychedelic, novel of an album. Hailing from the beauty of Northern Utah, there is music on this record that feels as desolate as the Utah desert, and as moving as the Salt Lake itself.

Night Marcher 2 credit @thevortman


Songwriter Rob Reinfurt holds a conversation with the listener, with soul in his guitar, hitting very highs and very lows paralleling each other as they move through the album together.

“Scars” is a driving, springtime bike ride through the veins of past experience and a dusting of regret. “Broken Path” is a soul-filled, piano romp through an unrequited plea to make “A house a home”. “Mistakes” pushes a haunting piano-led melody echoed by Reinfurt’s ghost-like falsetto. “People are Screaming Jesus” begs to ask if he is indeed listening, with the calming and unifying response “it doesn’t matter just join your hands with mine”.

Hands down my favorite song on Modern Maze is the sad and melancholy, porch swing of “Kro”, a tender, unassuming saunter through a cemetery mausoleum with the sun piercing the windows. The song offers imagery of life and death within the same breath, with the last minute of the song blossoming into a beautiful, but eerie, three-part harmony keeping birth and decay at bay.

Modern Maze cover by Shaun Thomas

Modern Maze is a record offering many philosophical but necessary layers. The more upbeat songs offer comparisons to indie darlings My Morning Jacket, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. I am eagerly waiting for more to come.


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