Album Review – Linchette Marcel

linchette-marcelThere is some really good rock ‘n roll coming from countries other than America right now, with much of it  from Eastern Europe. The Lithuanian duo Linchette-Marcel just dropped a 4 song EP that proves that point. The band comprises a little of everything that makes rock so good. It’s a little prog, a little trashy, a little grunge, and a little glam, but rocks pretty hard all the same, forging a distinct sound.

I won’t say that I enjoyed the record upon immediate listen, but there are some definite positives and take-aways to hopefully augment a full length album in the near future.

“Water Rider” is a fierce and brooding track with prog leanings and driving guitar riff. “King & Queen” rides a fluid drum groove and tight guitar to a soaring chorus. “Hurricane” seemingly pays homage to a diminished glam-rock with mid-tempo time-changes and sludgy, sing along chorus. Lead single “Off All the Gain” is a head-bopping stinger.

I must admit that I was not a fan of the vocals, while I thought the music was well-done, the vocals were the one thing on the record that I thought could be improved on the most. With that being said,  I am a fan of promoting bands that show promise. I look forward to new music from Linchette Marcel as their self-titled EP is a decent start that I know will be improved upon.

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