Album Review: Chameleon Technology – Blank Canvas

Hey everybody…

Remember punk rock?

Blank%20Canvas%20CoverI’m not talking about 5 Seconds to Summer. I’m speaking more to the DIY punk ethos, attitude, not the ones who were lucky enough to “make it” as much as I love many of those bands.

A long time ago bands would, kind of, learn how to bang out their instruments in a basement, and then go to someone else’s house and bang their instruments, and then find a shitty hall downtown somewhere and bang them out in from of an audience. And someone else would take a handful of those bands and record them banging their instruments and invent a record label to give them to their friends. And when I say label, I mean a lo-fi, microphoned cassette tape sold out of the trunk of their car…. And now I sound like a crotchety old man talking about the good old days.

Max%20Histrionic%20AvatarBut that’s how it was right? At least that’s how I remember it before the digital age. And, unfortunately, there aren’t many Epitaph, SST, Dischord, and Sub-Pop labels coming round, ’cause it’s super easy to make music and send it to the masses, and it’s hard to actually form a music community… I still believe that those labels, and that music was pretty goddamn genuine and not necessarily for the money, although money was always a bonus.

The above is all due to the new Chameleon Technology record Blank Canvas. Chameleon Technology label themselves as a one person band with its only member the affable, Max Histrionic. Blank Canvas is a 6-song bleeding liver, donkey punch with the high energy of the album very palpable. As in I was just in a 50 person mosh pit in a sweaty dive bar with a sticky floor palpable. The album kicks off with the catchy scream of “No Safe Word”, and doesn’t stop from there with the stomp of “Serin’s Vending”, the clean dirge of “Lifestyle Science”, and the bluesy “Self Repair”. Title track “Blank Canvas” reminds me of a lost Fugazi b-side.

So, all that to say, I love this record, I think it’s great. And it reminds of the olden days, when we had to put a piece of plastic into a device to hear the sound,

…and walk 10 miles to school, uphill, with no shoes….

And there was really, really, great punk rock…..

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