Album Review: Band of Horses – Why Are You OK

Band-Of-Horses-Why-Are-You-OK-ReviewBand of Horses are true rock nomads. Forming in 2004 in Seattle with numerous lineup changes and a swift move to South Carolina, the band never truly had a “home”. I don’t think you need one, but fans likes to lay that claim. Their rabid fan base never seemed to mind though, and with the Grammy nominated bands 5th album, Why Are You OK?, providing an easy feel, that is truly a moot point.

The record opens in an unconventional manner with the almost psychedelic, progressive and moody “Dull Times / The Moon” a 7 minute opus that moves at a snail’s pace to open up on an explosion of chorus mid-way through. “Solemn Oath” is a solid rock song, and head nodder with Southern roots. “Lying Under Oak” offers a careful, and tender, narrative. “Throw My Mess” could be a showcase tune at a Camp Meeting in southern Kentucky. “Barrel House” is a soft and slow bluesy trip with a heartfelt and passionate chorus.


The prized song on the record is of course the lead single “Casual Party”. Ben Bridwell’s cloud-like tenor choice. It’s a hard song to get out of your head with a memorable, and simple, guitar riff that will find the listener humming when waiting for said party to begin.

Band of Horses may sound like a poor man’s Eagles, and find that middle of the road rock appealing, but their indie darling fans would never let that happen. With production assistance from Jason Lyttle, of Grandaddy fame, and the always masterful Rick Rubin, it’s all good in the Band of Horses camp for the foreseeable future.

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