Album Review: Audio Jane – A Full Bird’s Wing

Audio Jane Album Review

dsc-0087_2_origI first heard Hope Sandoval sing with The Jesus and Mary Chain on their 1994 song “Sometimes Always”, and I was immediately in love. I never saw the video, never saw any live performances, but was internally grabbed and shook by her voice and found it to be the sexiest voice that I had ever heard. The same went for Adele when I first heard her sing on “Chasing Pavements” those cracks, wisps, and breaths can bring new dimensions to a song. As if they are singing on the bow of a pirate ship coming out of the fog…or the top of a New England lighthouse into a dark and torrent sea…or with lasers tuned directly to your soul….

Connecticut band Audio Jane has their own breathy singer in Sarah Pech, and she has some og those same qualities talked about above. The quartet has offered up a 5 song EP, entitled A Full Bird’s Wing, of dark, moody rock combining that voice with some beautiful musicianship. Lead single “White Lies” showcases that sound and would make a good first song on a mixtape for your girlfriend. “Baby I Know” is an acoustic-filled beauty that will immediately be compared to Mazzy Star. “Radiohead” is more upbeat and little rougher around the edges. “Bring Down” is a down tempo and slinky cut that I feel would be best played in a den of iniquity, but one where flowers and rainbows are present to cut down on the actual iniquity. “Aliens” is a great way to end a record with a melodic outpouring of distant dismality.

I love the atmosphere of this record and the nonchalant way they go about their musicianship. I’ll be honest; for me at least, Pech’s voice takes center stage. The songs all have that same feel, but are sent to the listener all a little differently through influxes in her singing. At the end of this 5 song EP, the listener might have found that they have listened to it twice and didn’t even realize it. There are always things that can be improved on, but I’ll be in line when they release their full-length record in 2017.

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