A Conversation with Nick Valensi of The Strokes and CRX

Nick Valensi Interview

Nick Valensi InterviewSan Francisco’s B-Sides On Air was recently afforded the opportunity to sit down with the accomplished, charismatic, and high-energy guitarist for The Strokes, and front man of his new project CRX, Nick Valensi.

Valensi spoke with RARAs Farm and B-Sides contributor Brian Furman in a wide-ranging interview about everything from why Josh Homme, from Queens of the Stone Age and producer of the new CRX album is such a badass, to his love for his hometown of New York City, to taking over lead vocal duties for the new CRX album New Skin.

An excerpt of that interview is below, to read the entire interview visit:

INTERVIEW: The Strokes Guitarist Nick Valensi at Home With CRX


On working with Josh Homme from Queens of the Stone Age:

Valensi – “It doesn’t get any more badass than Josh Homme; it was awesome. I was so happy to get him on board, cause when I reached out to Josh about the production stuff, I was at a place where I had been working on these songs for like a year. The reason I reached out to him was because I had kind of lost perspective with the project and my confidence in the songs had waned a little bit at that point. I think I was just too close to the project for too long, and reaching out to Josh was an attempt for me to link up with someone who I trust intuitively, and who I could say ‘Hey man, point me in the right direction, I’m at a fork in the road, just point me in the direction you think I should go’, and he did, and I trusted him, and Josh, out of anyone, I couldn’t have found someone better to produce this record because I trust him as a guitar player, I trust him as a singer, I trust him as a songwriter, and I trust him as a producer. And it’s just this multifaceted thing between him and I.


CRX’s debut New Skin is available now.

See the first video and lead single “Ways to Fake It” below.


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