Adam Kury of Candlebox Interview

Adam Kury Interview

At this year’s fantastic Welcome To Rockville, we sat down with Adam Kury, bassist with Candlebox for the past decade, and picked is brain, on the new album, the next steps for the band, and touring with the new lineup.

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Candlebox bass player Adam Kury at Welcome To Rockville

Cretin: Our contributor who reviewed your new album Disappearing In Airports wasn’t crazy about it because it was so much different than old Candlebox. Do you feel you’ve gone in a new direction?

Adam Kury: Over the years, the band has evolved. It depends on what he’s comparing it to.

Cretin: I think it was the debut album back in ’93 , which he had loved.

Adam Kury: He’s going back more than 20 years ago, and I’m sure it’s much different. But at the core we are still a Blues-based hard rock band, and in that sense, we haven’t changed at all. And over that time, we’ve got a whole new lineup

Cretin: Perhaps he was looking for something a bit more nostalgic.

Adam Kury: In that case, perhaps he should go back and listen to 2008’s Into The Sun, because that saw all the original band except for me and that was a lot more like the original sound. It hasn’t changed drastically, but each record we try to open up and do some new things.

Cretin: Into The Sun was your first album with the band. How have you seen the music evolve in that decade?

Adam Kury: I think each time, it is its own unique thing.  Whatever you’re into at the time. On the last album, Love Stories & Other Musings, we tried to add some piano and keyboards into the sound to see where that pushed us, and on this record, there’s almost none.  This time we had two new guitar players and we wanted to let them play a little bit.

Cretin: Is this the first tour with them?

Adam Kury: Mike started with us about a year ago and Brian started last July, so we’ve done a few show, but this is our first ‘on the bus’ tour

Cretin: And, it’s working well? Good chemistry?

Adam Kury Candlebox
Adam Kury is loving the new additions to Candlebox

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Adam Kury: It’s working out great.  but we knew it was going to work just how we got through the studio, where we did the album so fast.  We knocked the whole thing out in a week and a lot of it was written as we recorded it.

Cretin: That’s when you know everyone is pulling together and working as one.  So, how does the creative process work?  Is Kevin kind of a dominating presence where the songs usually start with his idea?

Adam Kury: The songs come from all different places. Everyone brings his own material where Kevin’s big thing is he has his lyrics and melodies which he does after the fact.  That’s like 95% all Kevin.

Cretin: And that’s after the structure of the song is put together?

Adam Kury: But the music we’ll all throw out. Sometimes he’ll come in with a complete song, or a part here and there, sometimes one of will walk in with a complete song where we’ll massage it.  No matter what we bring in, when we go to record it, there’s always changes that happen on the fly. We all fine tune it together. That’s the best part of a group, where everyone adds their two cents and raises it up a level.

Cretin: It makes for a more vibrant and passionate song when you do it that way.

Adam Kury: Of course.

Cretin: What has been the reception for the new album?

Adam Kury: It’s been fantastic, knock on wood.  Everything that’s come back has been great reviews and people are digging it. Of course, there are always going to be a few people who hate it because it doesn’t sound like this or that but it’s been overwhelmingly positive. I just finished an interview with the station over there, and “Vexatious” is their number one requested song right now.

Adam Kury Candlebox Bassist

Cretin: It’s a great song, and it’s kind of addictive.

Adam Kury: Thanks. The thing is our radio people thought it was the best one to put out there, but we felt if this does well, “Great” because we’ve got four or five other songs on the record that we think are better.

Cretin: What would be your choice for the next single?

Adam Kury: I think we’ll probably do “Supernova,” as that song is being really well-received. You talk to different people, they all have different choices: “Crazy” or “Spotlights.” They could be great, too, but I think “Supernova” will be next.

Cretin: That’s definitely the sign of a solid album.  So, one thing I noticed when I was researching for this is that your last albums have all been four years apart. Does that mean we need to wait until 2020 for your next release?

Adam Kury:  Hopefully not, there’s no grand plan. Our hope is to get back in the studio late this year and start working on something else. It’s been tough for us because the band is spread out all over the country so getting together and working on things is tough to do, but we’re trying to push that a little bit. And with how fast this lineup is working we can get done quickly and knock something else out.

Cretin: I imagine the new blood has energized things a bit, too?

Adam Kury: Definitely.

Cretin: So let me close with this, we are here at Welcome To Rockville, a huge festival setting. Do you prefer shows like this or a more intimate club?

Adam Kury: I like both.  They’re different experiences for sure. The theatre experience of having everybody there up front and usually they’re our shows and everyone is there to see us. Versus when we come here it’s more about the energy of the overall experience. There are so many bands and so many cool things going on, and the shows are always so fun for us. Even this whole thing, and all the press here. There’s energy around Welcome To Rockville.

Cretin: This is a huge event in Jacksonville. Definitely one of the biggest music events in the State.

Adam Kury: It’s nice.  Really cool.

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THU 19 MAY – Sands Bethlehem Event Center, Bethlehem, PA
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FRI 27 MAY – Foxtail, SLS Las Vegas, Las Vegas, NV
SAT 28 MAY – Wolf Den, Mohegan Sun Casino, Uncasville, CT
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SAT 18 JUNE – Kraut Music Fest 2016, Franksville, WI
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TUE 21 JUNE – George’s Majestic Lounge, Fayetteville, AR
WED 22 JUNE – Two Frogs Grill, Ardmore, OK
THU 23 JUNE – Town Center Plaza, Leawood, KS
SAT 25 JUNE – Skookum Creek Events Center, Shelton, WA
SAT 9 JULY – Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre, Md Heights, MO
THU 28 JULY – Halfway Jam 2016, Royalton, MN
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