Scott Verville making Festival Fans Happy!


Scott Verville

Hello music fans, it’s Springtime – which means Festival time, and Happyjack is back with another great review of a Florida Solo Artist. It takes a lot to get attention from magazines, and this guy caught ours.

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Today, we’ll introduce you to Scott Verville. Who is this guy you say? He’s a multi-talented musician who perfected his craft in the Navy, and is currently playing festivals, and occasionally singing the National Anthem at major events.

Scott is a well-educated man unbeatable dedication to his craft. He has earned attention in the music industry by hard schooling and he now holds a Bachelors Degree in Music Education and a Masters Degree in Jazz Composition and Arranging. The story doesn’t stop here. He is multi talented, and comfortable crossing over genres.

Scott performed in many different rock and top 40 bands in Orlando as he worked his way through school. Here’s where he honed his skills as a guitarist, singer and composer. He has many fans from all of those bands today, and has also performed at Disney World and Sea World.

After finishing grad school, the Army Band also used him for 4 years as a musician. In the rock bands, Scott sang lead vocals and played guitar, while in the jazz bands, he played solo and featured trumpet. With the Military he performed for Presidents Clinton and Bush, along with many other high-ranking government officials. Scott has performed with or opened for Blood Sweat and Tears, and for country legend Lee Greenwood.

Scott Verville. Photo by Kristen Parisi used by permission from Scott.


He is a hotshot guitarist and singer with 2 critically Acclaimed CDs, VERVILLE and the very cool RED-n-VERV. These two CD’s can be found at iTunes, CD Baby, eMusic, Napster and Amazon just to name a few. Scott is also an endorsed artist with US Masters Guitar Works, SIT Strings, JH Audio and Italia Guitar Straps. He is a Master Musician – versatile in all areas of music.

Catch him on Tour this year, and grab the CD – You’ll be pleasantly surprised, I was! I listened to many of his songs and could not believe how good the production and writing was on the album. You are gonna have to check this guy out, he plays it all. If you want a great CD, or a great show from a passionate person, check out Scott Verville.

Scott will be opening festivals in Florida and has many fans waiting to see him. Verville has a calendar posted when you visit his website at YOu can also listen to some sample tracks and much more on his website.

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