New Rock from Chapell

The first time I heard “Giving Her More,” I was immediately drawn in by Alan Chapell’s tender, vulnerable vocals. He reminds of Steven Page, but with even a bit more range, if you can imagine that?


The song, is a heartfelt offering to his young daughter, and the music is both intricate and poppy at the same time. The chorus is guaranteed to wriggle into your brain and bounce around for days. It’s a catchy musical bed adorned with wonderful vocals.

The song, produced by the uber-talented Jerry Harrison (Talking Heads), deftly meanders about, while meticulously highlighting the fine musicianship throughout. “Giving Her More” is the first single off of the soon to be released The Redhead’s Allegations, and based on this track, I’m intrigued to hear the rest. It’s definitely worth a listen or twelve. Check it out and see for yourself.

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