Jellyfish Album Release Party

Blaine The Mono Highlights Night of Orlando Rock

I’m just back from a break, and wanted to share some quick thoughts on Blaine The Mono’s Jellyfish album release show at The Social last week. Simply put, it was a great night for Orlando’s local rock music scene, but there’s one important thing that sapped some of my excitement.

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Local Orlando rockers, Blaine The Mono were the stars of the evening and delivered a blistering show, but there were a slew of other highlights, as well, with excellent sets from fellow Orlando bands A Brilliant Lie, Leaving Haven and Soul Switch

Randi Stickles of Blaine The Mono
Randi Stickles of Blaine The Mono

Led by dynamic vocalist Randi Stickles, Blaine The Mono delivered a tight nine song set that included all seven songs off of their excellent new release, Jellyfish – in the same order they appear on the new album. They also offered two extra tracks, a fun version of Justin Timberlake’s “Sexy Back” and “Circles,” the best song off of Vices And Verses, their debut album. (You can see the setlist at the bottom of this post).

This night was the first time I had caught Blaine The Mono live, and I left impressed. They sounded tight and polished despite the fact that this was the first time they had played most of the songs live. Drummer Clifton Garmer tore up the drums, Chris Culverwell offered up hard driving bass lines and guitarist Eric Joseph coolly dished out nice riffs all night. But, the focal point of the band is talented singer Randi Stickles, and she truly shined this evening, nailing her diverse vocals and perfectly delivering her notorious screams. Impressive stuff.

A Brilliant Lie again delivered a solid and entertaining set. This quintet has a great time on stage, led by creative front woman Tara Lightfoot and as you’ll see in the photo below, bassist Zach Temain and drummer Chris Lane, who appeared to have a blast throughout the set.

Zack Teman and Chris Lane of A Brilliant Lie
Zack Teman and Chris Lane of A Brilliant Lie

I just loved the set delivered by Leaving Haven. They boast a few radio ready songs and as always, offered up an entertaining and energetic set, despite fighting through some early technical difficulties.

Trevor Hastings of Leaving Haven
Trevor Hastings of Leaving Haven

Soul Switch closed the night powerfully. The fivesome definitely brings a more hard-edged sound than their peers on this night, and they are a polished, high energy act. As a nice nod to the featured performers, they pulled Randi Stickles up on stage for a duet with Tom Huestis. Good stuff…

Tom Heustis of Soul Switch
Tom Huestis of Soul Switch

It was an impressive night: four talented, hard working bands from right here in Orlando sharing the cozy stage at The Social. Four totally distinctive styles of rock, non-stop original music, and musicians with tremendous passion for their craft. I was also struck by how much these artists respect and like each other. During the breakdowns between bands, everyone helped each other… everyone. The band members were stepping in to tweak the mix, sharing equipment and troubleshooting for their fellow rockers. It was really a fabulous thing to witness.

So, why, then was I a bit let down this evening? It was the turnout. The Social had a decent crowd, but it was nowhere near capacity. Four talented local bands on one stage, doling out four hours worth of rock ‘n roll, while celebrating the release of an excellent album from the feature band, all for the bargain price of $10.00 – this place should have been sold out!

So, keep your eye out for the next time these bands play in town. They’re all hard-working, wonderful people dedicated to their craft, and they make damn good rock ‘n roll. I love rock music, and want to see it thrive here in The City Beautiful. If you feel similarly, take a few minutes and get yourself plugged into these bands.

Click the links below to visit their social medias; Like their Facebooks and Follow their Twitters – and I’ve added Kat Coffin’s info, because she does an amazing job keeping folks updated on the local scene, and us, because, well… we rock, too!

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Blaine The Mono Setlist:
Get Me Right
Sexy Back (Timberlake Cover)
Your Ghost
The Slip

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