Max McElligott of Wolf Gang House of Blues in Orlando

Wolf Gang Impresses in Orlando Return

Max McElligott of Wolf Gang at House of Blues Orlando
Max McElligott of Wolf Gang playing to the crowd at House of Blues in Orlando

Wolf Gang Orlando Concert Review

Ever since the release of their critically acclaimed breakthrough album Suego Faults in 2011, Wolf Gang has been poised on the precipice of success. Capitalizing on a personal relationship with Bastille frontman Dan Smith, they’ve kicked off a huge tour of the United States, playing in front of packed houses every step along the way.

On Friday night, they came to House Of Blues in Orlando, where they opened the show in front of a zealous Sold Out crowd.  It’s not the first time they’ve toured with popular national acts (Coldplay, The Naked And Famous and Keane), but this tour with Bastille seems to be the ideal pairing,

When they took the stage, the house was already packed and at a fever pitch, and the five lads from London quickly commanded the stage.  Led by versatile frontman and founder, Max McElligott, they kicked into “Black River,” the title track off of their current EP and forthcoming full-length.  The song, a hard-driving hit waiting to happen shows the band in a new light, perhaps a bit more full of a sound, but still maintaining a bit of the ethereal qualities that identifies their sound.

It was clear early into the set that since their last visit to The Sunshine State, the band has jelled and become more cohesive. We interviewed McElligott before they hit the stage, and the affable performer noted that the fellow band members have taken a more active role in crafting the new music and it translates well onto their live show.  (We’ll have the full interview posted in about a week, so Follow / Like Us to make sure you don’t miss it).
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Twitter follower, @sammiecolella, offered up a setlist from the Miami show the prior night, but it was definitely different from what we listened to, and with so much new content being played, I can’t offer too many comments about specific songs. What I can share is that the new stuff was excellent, including more of a focus on Gavin Slater’s creative guitar work. Unfortunately, the full album release is still a few months away, but all indications are that this one will be worth the wait.

James Wood of Wolf Gang  at House of Blues in Orlando
James Wood of Wolf Gang playing to the crowd at House of Blues in Orlando

Throughout the show, bass player James Wood never stopped moving. He was a human pogo-stick, bouncing around the stage and seemingly having a great time.  McElligott, who played all instruments on Suego Faults traded off a few different instruments during the show, but his greatest talent was his voice. His range is fantastic and he sounded strong all night, highlighted by beautiful vocals on “Midnight Dancers.”

The crowd favorites were the band’s two earlier hits, “Lions And Cages, their closer, and a rousing rendition of “The King And All His Men,” which had the entire arena clapping rhythmically and harmonizing perfectly.

The only downside was the sound mix downstairs at the House of Blues, where the vocals and guitar were a bit lost at times.  We went upstairs for the last half of the set and the sound was much better.

You can see our photo album from the show here: Wolf Gang at HOB-Orlando

McElligott noted that the band would be touring again later this year, hopefully presenting another opportunity for Florida fans to catch this talented young band.

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