Let It Happen: Cause + Effect Album Review


Let It Happen Album Review

Last week was a big week for Let It Happen, an up-and-coming pop rock band out of Ohio. They released a new album on In Vogue Records, and headlined a quick tour through The Sunshine State. Unfortunately, their timing just sucked for me, as I was celebrating a big anniversary with my wonderful rocking wife, RARAs Girl.

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By the time I awoke from my bliss-filled post-Anniversary stupor, I had missed a chance to catch these guys on stage, which is a shame because their music sounds like it would translate excellently live. Fortunately, the album, Cause + Effect is a timeless offering.

During my first listening, they evoked pleasant comparisons to mainstream successes like Dashboard Confessional and Blink 182, and later they interestingly reminded me of 21 Pilots, I’m not sure exactly why, but that’s ok – let’s just assume that has to be a good thing.  For sure they have some of the tendencies of those bands, but they definitely deliver music with a unique sound that is all of their own.

Let It Happen had my attention thirty seconds into the album. I’d heard that their music was your typical power pop, but the first track, “Cause” is a raw powerful journey, and just a captivating track. It might not be the best track on the album but is a stellar opener. The song gently builds to a crescendo, before slipping in vulnerable vocals from lead singer Drew Brown and then exploding with a crescendo of guitars. Great stuff.

The album is exceptionally mixed, and the music sounds cohesive throughout. I think it’s worth noting that the songs on Cause + Effect are “full,” the vocals, bass, guitars and drums all fit well, masterfully weaving in and out throughout the entire album. The eleven tracks on the album boast numerous catchy guitar riffs and memorable lyrics throughout. Drummer Sean Highley is talented and dishes out a diverse sampling of drums; at times driving the music and at other times subtly adding accents.

In all, it’s a dynamic mix of tracks, offering a great glimpse into the breadth and talent of the band. “The Lonely One” is a fantastic track; one which showcases the range and power of Brown’s vocals. It’s an excellent song built for radio. “Effect,” “High And Dry” and “Astray” are all strong offerings, and all pleasantly unique. This is far from an album with a eleven cookie cutter songs.

“Ebb And Flow,” one of the last few tracks, was my favorite cut. Contemplative lyrics demand your attention: “The winds of change are blowing me away and I’m not going back; the tree of life has grown in the way and I’m all tangled up,” but the guitar is the centerpiece of the song. Subtle at times and even a bit understated, the guitar work was pristine and captivating and highlighted the song.

Check out the album below on iTunes below, and let us know if you agree that this is one of the year’s most intriguing new albums.

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