Hillary Hand and The Roseliers Dash Onto My Radar

hillary hand

Hillary Hand and The Roseliers Release New Video

This song is absolutely addictive and I can’t wait to hear what’s next from this talented fivesome from Colorado Springs.

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So, I’ll admit; although this Colorado-based artist has been toiling around the music scene for a few years now, I just stumbled across them this week. Hillary Hand is a classically trained pianist who just a few years began toiling around the local club and coffee room scene, and just drips with potential.

She released her first EP, Paper Doll, in 2012, and saw nice success, especially on the small screen. Two songs made it onto MTV shows, “Domino” (Awkward) and “Say Goodbye”(Finding Carter). More recently, a newer single, “Tameless Tongues” was featured on ABC’s Black Box. But I missed all of that 🙂

The new release. “Run Like A Rabbit” is a synth-driven journey that is absolutely captivating. It’s danceable pop-rock that crosses several genres, and should be destined for regular airplay on Alternative and Indie rock outlets. Hand’s vocals are intriguing and authentic, and she boasts an impressive range. The music is nicely arranged, and chock full of mesmerizing riffs.

Check out the video below. While we wait for the 2015 release of the band’s forthcoming album, grab the single here on iTunes – you’ll be hooked, too: Run Like a Rabbit – Single

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