Hedley Wild Life Album Review


Hedley Wild Life Album Review

This hard-working Canadian quartet has been making waves in their homeland for a decade, and it’s only a matter of time before they explode South of their border.

Their latest offering, Wild Life offers up precisely engineered pop rock that will appeal to the masses; and let’s be perfectly clear here, this stuff leans a lot more towards the pop side of that spectrum.

While we witness a theme of pure pop slicing through the album, it’s actually quite diverse stuff, at times making me think of 80’s one-hit wonder Scritti Politti, at times it’s Foster and The Peopleish, and yet others, the music evokes horrible flashbacks to the Toto-Age of rock music. Fortunately, at the other extreme, the band demonstrates some cutting edge talent.

“Heaven in Our Headlights” is a Fun. (see what I did there?) song that reminds a little bit of Avici and has a very timely feel to it. The song features absolutely everything it takes to be an Alt-Rock hit. Jacob Hoggard’s tender vocals are highlighted in a powerful, melodic performance that carries the hit-in-the-waiting. The opening track “Anything” is another catchy offering that absolutely belongs on today’s radio playlists.

My favorite track is the grittiest offering on the album. It’s a dark dirty ode to life South of the border, “Mexico.” It’s a violent powerful collision of musical instruments that’s just a blast to listen to. It was a welcome expedition, listening to the band journey into their darker side.

But, it’s not all great stuff; there were a few songs that epitomized mediocrity, and were just too pretty and tight – not what I’m looking for in rock music.  Of course there’s the obligatory power ballad or two and they’re decent but really nothing special.

But, what the hell do I know? Their first single “Crazy For You” has absolutely exploded on Youtube, and it grows on me everytime I hear it.  Check it out yourself here: Hedley: Crazy For You

At the end of the day it’s a nice, well produced album – probably one better suited for the teenage rock fans out there. the ones with the 2 X chromosomes more likely. But, there’s enough variety, that there’s something for any rock fan to enjoy, something that will appeal to everybody. Take a listen and let me know what you think?

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  1. I agree with some of your comments. I purchased Wild Life on November 11th. The day of its release. I have played it everyday since! There is something for everyone on this album. Each time I listen to it – I grow to appreciate it’s diversity more and more. I love how different instruments and sounds are explored. Some of it is very commercial , but songs like Mexico and Almost Over reveal the bands darker tormented side. Hoggard’s voice sucks me into the turmoil and the gravity of these two songs. I am a female listener, much older than the average person who purchased this album. I have supported Hedley from the beginning and will continue to listen to and appreciate all this band has to offer.

    1. Tracey – thanks for sharing your thoughts, and I agree with most of your comments 🙂

      Wild Life will see its US release next week and I’m quite curious to see how it does. I truly agree that this album grows on me with each listen, but it’s still a little slicker and more commercial than I typically prefer. “Mexico,” however is just fantastic. Thanks again!

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