Florida’s Own Fit For Rivals Return Home

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Fit For Rivals Florida Tour

Finally, Florida is becoming a hot bed for original rock music. It has literally been decades since we’ve seen this many talented, popular Sunshine State bands dotting the rock music landscape. Alter Bridge, A Day To Remember and Shinedown are carrying the torch, but there’s plenty of other talent nipping at their footsteps, including Jacksonville’s powerful Fit For Rivals.

The quintet offers raw, gritty rock ‘n roll, featuring urgently passionate vocals from Renee Phoenix. They’re Paramore with an edge, Volbeat with a chick, a hot band with a pulse, and they’re coming back to Florida for a three day tour through North and Central Florida.

I have not had a chance to catch one of their shows yet, but they have an excellent live reputation. For an idea of what you can expect, check out their tremendously popular video of their last single “Damage.” It’s hard, edgy rock, but it oozes slick mainstream potential.

It’s killer rock ‘n roll, and Phoenix’s vocals are captivating.  She doesn’t boast incredible range nor the most powerful voice, but she’s an absolute addictive blast to listen to. As much as you’ll enjoy her voice, this band is about so much more.  She’s surrounded by tremendous talent, and her band mates’ guitar driven rock is both smooth and deliciously ragged at the same time.

Make sure you check out our rocking Florida natives, as they tear through the state later this month.

  • Thurs., 6/19 @ Aces; Brandenton, FL
  • Fri., 6/20 @ Ringside; Tampa, FL
  • Sat., 6/21 @ Atmosphere, Tallahassee



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