David Koonce on Bass

David Koonce Interview

David Koonce and Chris Dow of Within Reason
David Koonce and Chris Dow of Within Reason

Within Reason’s David Koonce Chats With RARA’s Farm

We met up with the guys from Within Reason a few months ago at Welcome To Rockville in Jacksonville and they hinted about a big tour announcement. We catch up with bassist David Koonce, for that announcement, their upcoming single release, his role on Ragg Radio and a whole lot more.

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Cretin: First, congratulations on the success of “Enemy,” the first single off of the After The Crawl EP. Looks like it is on the cusp of cracking the Top 40?
David Koonce: We’re hoping to be in the Top 40 the week of the 24th.

Cretin: Any parts of the country where it’s doing particularly well?
David Koonce: It’s being picked up on active rock stations. Salisbury MD, Charleston SC, Augusta GA, Chicago and Dallas TX – which is a big one. We just got added in Biloxi which is huge because we’re playing that radio station’s festival.

Cretin: What has been the key to the success of this single? Why this one being the one that garners significant airplay for the band?
David Koonce: On the record, we know we have three songs that will be singles, “Enemy,” “Here Comes The Light” and “We’ll Have It All.” We’re doing all of this stuff on our own. We’ve started our own label, but we’ve gained some knowledge through the years. For the first single, start with an upbeat rock song to set your foundation and get your name on the map of radio people. “Enemy” is just a straight rock ‘n roll song that’s easy for stations to add.

Cretin: So, not to jump too far ahead, but what are the plans for the follow-up single?
David Koonce: “Here Comes The Light” will be the second single.

Cretin: And you directed the new video, right?
David Koonce: My company actually finished it and it’s kind of out now but we haven’t officially been pushing it. When the song drops in October, that video will be pushed pretty hard. What’s crazy is that it actually got selected into a film festival here in Birmingham. That’s kind of a big deal for a film maker.

Cretin – Take a sneak peek at the excellent video and the forthcoming single:

Cretin: Last time we chatted, you hinted about a big tour announcement. Looks like you were referencing Uproar?
David Koonce: Yes it was, the Uproar Festival (The full tour schedule is provided below the interview)

Cretin: Any specific Uproar acts who you are excited about sharing the bill with?
David Koonce: I’m excited about Seether. A lot of the bands on the tour we’ve played with before. We’ve done a bunch of shows with Redlight King (who have recently canceled their participation in Uproar), and I don’t even know how many Pop Evil and Buckcherry shows. Seether guys are really fun and I’m a big fan; I’ll be excited to see them play every night. The first time we did Uproar, POD was the band who stole it, that’s one band I’d watch every night, but overall that tour is so much fun.

Cretin: Which city or venue are you most looking forward to playing on the tour?
David Koonce: I’m excited to do Dallas, it’s always a fun one to do. Tampa’s a fun. We haven’t done Biloxi before so that will be new. Oklahoma City is a big place for us; we kind of cut our teeth as a real touring band there.

Cretin: You mentioned Tampa – you’ll be there on August, 30th.
David Koonce: Yeah, Tampa is cool. That venue is so sweet, too.

Cretin: So, you had a brief break between tours. Did the band have an opportunity to write or record any new music?
David Koonce: If everything gets finished we’re going to debut a new song in our set on the Uproar Tour. It’s written, we just need to polish it and get it stage ready. We’ve got almost a full record ready. A few of the songs we play now, I notice we play totally different from the time where we wrote them. Songs morph into something else over time. We’re just going to be playing the new songs live. Two things will happen. The song will grow into what it needs to be for the record; and when the record is ready to come out, people will know the song a little bit more.

David Koonce on Bass
David Koonce on Bass

Cretin: So who does the writing for Within Reason?
David Koonce: It’s a collective process. We did our first record all on our Blackberries. We’d sing or play on our phones and send to the other person. A lot of stuff on this one; we’d just throw ideas at each other in passing, or sitting around waiting for a show or sound checking. We’d throw a riff at somebody and they’d go home and play with it. A lot of times Chris (Dow) will send me something, and I feel I write differently; I think I see things backwards from the way he does. It definitely is a collective effort. I like that because it keeps everybody involved in it. Everybody has different influences that shine through the song. Some are brought to the table mostly complete, but I’d say 80 percent of it is a collective effort.

Cretin: When I saw you guys in Jacksonville, guitarist Chase Davidson seemed new to the band. Is he part of the writing process, too?
David Koonce: He has been for the new record, yeah.

Cretin: I heard you also have a side gig working on Ragg radio. Tell us a little about that?
David Koonce: It’s kind of a cool story. Ragg radio is an internet station owned by Robbie Ragg. When I was a kid in Birmingham, there was a radio station called I95, and it was like the best radio station in the world, maybe because I grew up here. And Robby Ragg was the key to that station.

Cretin: Interesting.
David Koonce: He went through the whole transition from when DJs could control their music to the corporate world. And every year he had less and less ability to do things. So he just decided to say ‘fuck it, I’m going to start my own station.’ I’d go over there and I’d mess around with him on the radio. And one day I asked him how he added new music and thought I could help him find bands that we’ve played with a lot. And that kind of turned into him wanting to give me a show where I could premiere new bands.

Cretin: So, when can we hear you?
David Koonce: 7-11 every night. He gave me four hours a day where I can do anything I want on the radio… And, he’s going to let me take it on the road for Uproar. Just every day in whatever city we wake up in, I’m just going to set up and go grab somebody from a band that I know. Do an interview, talk about corn dogs and stuff, or whatever.

Cretin: That’s pretty damn cool.
David Koonce: We tried to come up with a cool name for it and I was being kind of arrogant and cocky and fucking around with him and I said “since it’s the best show on your station, we should just call it The Show.'” So we named it The Show. So, we’re saying we’re taking “The Show” on the road.

Cretin: That’s a great connection. That should make it fun for a lot of people.
David Koonce: Yeah. I think what makes it fun for me is that I’m Not trying to be famous radio personality, I’m just trying to do it for the fun.

Cretin: Do you play active rock on the show?
David Koonce: Man, it’s everything. He (Ragg) said, “Play whatever you want, just don’t play anything stupid, nothing too poppy.” Most of it is just rock. A lot of it is stuff that you just don’t hear on the radio anymore because they’re pushing certain bands… Once an hour a get to do a break that’s new bands you’ve probably never heard of or they’re an up and coming band.

An up and coming rock band? Sounds familiar. Check out Within Reason’s current EP below and make sure you catch them on the Uproar Festival this summer.

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