Bastille Storms HOB-Orlando

Bastille plays at House of Blues Orlando

Dan Smith of Bastille at House of Blues in Orlando
Dan Smith of Bastille at House of Blues in Orlando

Friday night, Orlando hosted Bastille, one of today’s hottest Alt-Rock bands; and boy, was it a night to remember.

Before the wildly popular Bastille took the stage, Wolf Gang, an interactive and entertaining British band, welcomed the sold out crowd with a strong set – more on them below.

This night was about the main event…Bastille. Starting their performance at 9:40, with one of their most popular songs, “Bad Blood,” Bastille put on a performance that the audience will remember for the rest of their lives. Dan Smith, the band’s lead vocalist, came on stage and danced like there was no tomorrow. Many in the crowd wanted to jump on stage and bust a move alongside him.

One of the many unique perks about Bastille is the fact that many of their songs have such powerful meanings behind them. While playing “Laughter Lines” you couldn’t resist from tearing up; the song hits your heart. They took the crowd’s breath away during an awe-inspiring performance of “Oblivion.”  During the song, Smith stayed center stage and belted out the song while paying the piano. The lights were a subdued dark blue and purple; everything about the performance was perfect.

There were little things that added a nice touch, like how bassist Will Farquarson wore a Mickey Mouse shirt or when Smith, clad in a House of Blues shirt, made the audience laugh when he stated “As you can tell from the past hour, I am potentially the worst dancer.” It all helped add up to made the night more memorable. Nearing the end of their performance, Bastille had one more surprise for the audience.

Smith decided to walk through the entire venue. Yep, you heard that right, Dan Smith zipped up his hoodie and marched through House of Blues while singing the song “Flaws.” He even climbed up the stairs and toured the balcony! I’ve been to many concerts before, but never have I seen something as brave as this. Can you imaging walking through hundreds of screaming fans while singing a song?

Bastille at House of Blues in Orlando
Bastille at House of Blues in Orlando

After finishing their performance, the crowed chanted “ONE MORE SONG!” repeatedly until Bastille came out for their encore, where they played two final songs before closing the concert.

The first encore song that they sang was “Of the Night,” a melody of two songs, “Rhythm of the Night” by Corona and “Rhythm is a Dancer” by Snap!. During their performance of this song, the band had the whole crowd moving. Smith had the audience crouch down and jump up during the chorus, leaving everyone smiling and dancing alongside the band.

Bastille ended the concert with their “Billboard top 10” hit “Pompeii.” The crowd went crazy to say the least. Smith didn’t even need to sing, as the crowd was belting every lyric to the song. Before the bridge of the song, the crowd sang the lyrics without hesitation. You could see the band’s faces light up when hearing the crowd sing the song without the help Smith. It was obvious the band members love what they do, which only added to their breath-taking performance. There is so much more to come from this young top-notch band, and I strongly suggest listening to the band to everyone I cross paths with. They are quite astonishing.

You can check out our show photos here: Bastille HOB Photos. (We will be loading more over the next few days, so Like Our Facebook for Alerts)

Back to the opening band, Wolf Gang, they were quite entertaining. During the nine song set, my friends and I gawked over lead singer Max McElligott’s distinctive British accent. Every time he talked to the crowd, our inner twelve-year-old girl was screaming. We were also gifted with bassist James Wood’s prominent stage presence and hair performance. His hair took center stage as it bounced along with Wood, with every note the band played. Believe me, most girls at the House of Blues envied his hair. Lucky for us, Wolf Gang sang a few brand new songs that will be released on their new album, Black River. If you haven’t listened to them before, I encourage you to start.

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