The Fixx Concert Review

The Fixx Rock Orlando’s Velvet Sessions

These guys are a precious rarity these days.  Many of their 80’s rock contemporaries are touring with line-ups that are embarrassing shells of the original crew, and basically going through the motions until the typically disinterested fans hear the couple of big hits they longed for.  But not The Fixx, Cy Curnin and mates are back on the road with their original line-up and still making excellent passionate music, and putting on a a nice show to top it off.

(see my review below the photo and Luc’s recap in the comments section)

The Fixx at Hard Rock Velvet Sessions Orlando
The Fixx at Hard Rock Velvet Sessions Orlando

They headlined Hard Rock’s Velvet Sessions last night, and turned Orlando’s most famous cocktail party into a damn good rock show.  The band is touting the full line-up from their mid-eighties heyday, as they support the 2012 release of Beautiful Friction. Curnin returned to the stage where he put on an excellent Storyteller-type of solo acoustic set a year ago, and put on a very different performance this night, but one that was equally engaging.

Despite missing a few high notes early in the set, Curnin’s voice is still fantastic and was powerful all night. He’s a superb show man, singing every note in a theatrical manner, often connecting with the crowd. The remaining band members were on top of their game and offered up a tight set. The sound mix in the Velvet Sessions venue was the best I’ve ever heard, as well.

Admittedly, I was only familiar with the band’s hits, and was pleasantly surprised to hear their deeper cuts and newer material. They kicked off the set with four straight selections off of Beautiful Friction, highlighted by slinky rocker “Take A Risk” and the powerful “What God?”

The entire set was being recorded by Hard Rock for their future use, and there were almost as many cameras as musicians on stage (and almost as many models with their saccharine smiles mingling amid the crowd). At one point, Curnin mentioned the presence of the cameras and playfully asked “Happy faces all around please.”

The first hit the band played was their biggest commercial success, 1983’s “One Thing Leads To Another,” which had the crowd singing along loudly. They backed that up with a great version of “Less Cities, More Moving People” and “The Fool” which spotlighted the signature Fixx keyboards of Rupert Greenall.

“Stand or Fall” was powered by superb guitar from Jamie West Oram and a killer bass groove from Dan K. Brown.  West-Oram truly impressed.  His guitar does not include any over the top solos, but every note he played was precise and played a prominent role in the songs. Before playing “I’m Life,” Curnin offered “This one is my current favorite.” It was an excellent bluesy rocker off of their 1988 release Calm Animals.

The highlights for the crowd were singalong versions of “Saved by Zero” which closed out the main set and a rousing and loud version of their last offering “Red Skies,” the ideal ending to a superb set.

Rock On!



Anyone Else
Just Before Dawn
Take A Risk
Beautiful Friction
What God?
Happy Landings
One Thing Leads to Another
Less Cities, More Moving People
The Fool
Stand or Fall
Follow That Cab
I’m Life
Built For The Future
Saved by Zero

Deeper and Deeper
Red Skies

7 thoughts on “The Fixx Concert Review”

  1. The opening song was Anyone Else, the first release off Beautiful Friction.
    And they rocked! Was there in the VIP section. Thank you to the Fixx for putting
    on a great show! And thanks to the Hard Rock Hotel! Come back very soon. I’ll and many
    other Fixxtures will be there.

    “your armor is love”

    1. Michael – Thanks, I had jotted that down in my notes, but left it off the setlist. I was a casual fan before the show, but might be headed down the “Fixxture” path myself. Excellent show…

  2. The Fixx played last night (5-30-13) at The Hard Rock Hotel Velvet Session and I was lucky enough to attend. The band, I think, consisted of pretty much all the original members (I think because all looked old). I really wished Cy would have introduced them to the audience. By far, this was the one thing missing from this show.

    In reference to the show, there was nothing I could say was wrong. The band sound, delivery and performance were top notch. Yes, after 30+ years of singing, Cy couldn’t hold the high notes, but his theatrical rendition of each song was well worth the show.
    With Cy enjoying his bottle of red wine on stage, he made me feel like I was at a family gathering just listening to my grandfather play music. Of course, one of the biggest pop of the night was when the band played One Thing Leads to Another. The energy from the crowd just exploded the room. Saved by Zero was his last song of his regular set and everyone sang and danced to this classic hit.

    The 3 songs encore ended the night with Red Skies with everyone singing along with Cy. Yes, The Fixx still can put on a show and by far this concert did not need any fixing!

    1. Yup, all basically original, at least dating back to 1983. A little bit nicer than last month’s band, Asia, where none of the original line-up was touring with them…

  3. Wonderful show. The vibe was much different than the night before when they played in Sebastian, but rocked just the same. The new c.d. Beautiful Friction really grows on you. It gets played religiously. Keep on making great music!

    1. Mary Beth – agree, great show, and the CD is very good, and quite diverse. Thanks for commenting, and please consider Liking our Facebook page and/or following our Twitter if you don’t already…

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