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Sublime and Pennywise Concert Review

Remember back when everybody’s favorite music on the planet was Reggae and Ska ?  The band Sublime was an instant hit , cranking out cool vibe songs, on three wonderful radio friendly albums.  Then tragically, the lead singer, songwriter Bradley Nowell, suddenly passed away.

So, without their main man, the band Sublime disappeared from the music scene for 12 years . Drummer Bud Gaugh, and Bassist Eric Wilson, finally decided years later to make another go of the music. Enter new Sublime singer Rome Ramirez.
After a few happy in-studio sessions, it was clear that Sublime had their singer, and a new moniker: Sublime With Rome.

Rome has the ability to reach the fans as Bradley did, with his great songwriting and showmanship. New songs have been recorded and the new tour has begun. And Florida has been blessed with a few shows. And in St. Augustine Florida , on a hot summer Saturday night, they made the rain soaked show their own.  High energy that could not be denied – these guys slammed the crowd with heavy reggae beats.

The band smartly pro-mixed in the newest tracks with the older fan favorite songs. The Sublime set lasted 1 :40 minutes and was a pleasure for all in attendance. Sublime’s massive crowd did not care about the rain, nor the mud, they just danced, smiled, and had a blast.

The management says the new album is ready, and these guys are officially back on the music scene!

Also, hard hitting opening band Pennywise was really a sight to see – very powerful music. These guys were very tight and moved everybody in the crowd. Frisbees were flying and inflatables everywhere, it was a party everyone will remember!
The band won a lot more new fans with their fast catchy tunes. The crowd was excited to hear the songs live, as they all sang along to every song in the set.

We’ll be back to see these bands again, and you should too.  It was a fun trip , and the bands were great.

The venue was really nice , even though it rained forever. Thanks St. Augustine and Check this space for more cool music reviews , concert reviews , and exclusive backstage photo’s. We’ll be working overtime  to bring you the best reviews – tell your friends.

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  1. Sounds like a killer double bill. Glad to see that Sublime is back on the road, and have a great deal of respect for their new name “Sublime With Rome.” So now that they’re back, what happens to Badfish??

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