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Interview with Jesse Nolan of Caught A Ghost

Six Pack Interview With Jesse Nolan

Jess Nolan of Caught A Ghost
Jesse Nolan of Caught A Ghost

Jesse Nolan is the voice and face of dynamic new artist Caught A Ghost.  The band boasts a refreshing sound that can best be described as a creative cross between Sam Cooke and Fitz and the Tantrums.  Yup, it’s a unique blend, but it really works.

The band is in town Tuesday, November 5th for a show at The Social, where they’ll share the bill with He’s My Brother, She’s My Sister.

RARA’s Farm recently caught up with Jesse and shared a six pack of questions with the likable performer. As you’ll see, he’s got a great, diverse appreciation for rock music, and plenty of quick interesting insights to share.

RARA’s Farm: What was the first album that moved you to want to be in the music business?
Jesse Nolan: Well, I guess I’d have to say Nevermind was the first really huge album in my life, apart from maybe the Michael Jackson records I had when I was a kid. I performed “Bad” for my kindergarten talent show . Ha.
RARA’s Farm: And, your favorite rock album ever?
Jesse Nolan: Revolver, Sticky Fingers,Blonde on Blonde.
(Cretin: Three amazing albums, none of them on my list of greatest albums ever, but can almost guarantee they are all in Rolling Stone Magazine’s Top 10 of all-time.)

RARA’s Farm: How about the best concert you have ever seen?
Jesse Nolan: Maybe Bjork at the Hollywood Bowl? I always love seeing Radiohead. I just saw James Blake at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery and it was amazing.

RARA’s Farm: Great choices.  Can you think of one band you never saw, but who you’d love to see re-formed to play for one show, dead or alive?
Jesse Nolan: Aside from the obvious, Jimi Hendrix or Bob Marley, I think I’m most saddened that I will never get to see Billie Holiday live. I mean, there are way too many. I want to answer with some pitchforky thing like ‘Pavement in their prime’ but John Coltrane or Fela Kuti would be way more interesting, truthfully.

RARA’s Farm: Shifting to your own live experiences, which venue has been your favorite place to play?
Jesse Nolan: Hard to say. We just played the El Rey in Los Angeles, which I love, and the Independent in San Francisco, which were both great. I’d have to say my favorite show I’ve ever played, though, was the Cosmic Prom: an event Tessa and I threw in LA in a projection dome. So fun.

RARA’s Farm: So, your music is featured in a Boardwalk Empire episode, is that important to you?
Jesse Nolan: I love Boardwalk Empire, so yes. We’ve had a bunch of songs on TV at this point but that one was special to me. Steve Buscemi is my spirit animal.

RARA’s Farm: What’s next for Caught A Ghost as far as your Spring 2014 full-length release?
Jesse Nolan: Well we’ll put the record out early next year and then tour a ton next year. We are pumped. Feels great to be on the road right now. People really love music and it renews your faith in life to connect with them. I’ve had some hilarious and touching exchanges this far.

Check out a great live clip of the band performing Sleeping At Night and then grab it on iTunes below!

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