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Holley Maher – Euphorics – Review


Holley Maher Album Review


holley maher euphorics
holley maher euphorics

Holley Maher – Euphorics Album Review
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I wasn’t even halfway through the second song, “Golden”, before I started to question the title of Holley Maher’s new EP, Euphorics.  The music is undeniably pleasurable, but more-so for whom?  Her or us?  You can hear it in her voice that she is in control and enjoying herself throughout every moment of these songs.  Light-hearted and sincere, you can hear her smile as she sings and it adds a fun, personal dimension to her music that is often attempted, but seldom executed with such grace.

Generally composed of a piano, acoustic guitar, drums and strings, the music is simple but charming.  Her sing-song  vocals on “Hiding Place” are certain to get stuck in your head and the strings add that movie soundtrack quality, making it perfect headphone music for long, solitary walks. The last track, “Whispered Words”, hints at elements of the electronic, which I think would be a fantastic direction for Maher to explore in the future.

My only complaint is the dual vocals on “I Do”.  Holley’s voice is strong enough to stand on its own, and the male vocals sound a little too close to something that’s heard on a contemporary, easy-listening stations.  The guy has a good voice; I just think that it takes the song somewhere that doesn’t necessarily mesh with the rest of the EP.

On a recent trip through Nashville it became clear that there is a lot more going on in Nashville than just country music.  Maher, who is based in Nashville, seems to have the talent to take her musical career in any direction she chooses.  Country radio, pop radio, or a darling of the indie scene, Holley Maher and her songs could take any one of them by storm.  Her attention, however, is split between her music, dance, graphic design, photography and fashion, so after learning that, it’s not a surprise that, for now, we have to settle for these five beautiful songs, and two previous EPs.  It is my own selfish wish that she chooses to focus more on music in the future, and maybe my wish will come true as I believe that “Golden” should be in heavy radio rotation.  She has a bright future in whichever endeavors she pursues.

– Broken Birdie –

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