Yellowcard at HOB - Orlando

Sweet Breath of Southern Air in Orlando

So when is the last time you went to a rock concert and had the violinist steal the show? Saturday night Yellowcard made a much anticipated appearance in their home state of Florida at House of Blues Orlando. The band recently kick-started a worldwide tour to promote their powerful new album “Southern Air” and made Orlando one of their first stops. (Check out our review of Southern Air)

On Saturday night, a packed house exhausted their voices after an engaging two hour long, nineteen song set list. I’ve rarely seen a group of music enthusiasts truly love every selection their band played as I witnessed with the Yellowcard fans on Saturday. There wasn’t a single song that Yellowcard played that didn’t have roars of approval from their fervent crowd, including those cuts from their new album.

Yellowcard Live at HOB-Orlando
Yellowcard Live at HOB-Orlando

The quintet broke right into the music and kept the crowd jumping and screaming from the first notes of “Awakening” through their first handful of songs.  The first two cuts were identical to the first two on Southern Air, but thereafter, it was a nice mix of selections that spanned their robust catalog.

The band boasts impressive talent from every member of the band and wonderful vocals from Ryan Key. Things really picked up when they kicked into “Rivertown Blues” off of the new album, Key implored the crowd to have everyone rotate together in a circle which ratcheted up the energy level another notch, and then finished the song off with an impressive lead guitar solo. “Holly Wood Died,” “Hang You Up” and my personal favorite, “Believe” all showcased impressive violin performances by Sean Mackin. “Believe” was dedicated to Mackin’s mother who was present at the show and he took center stage as he blew the crowd away with an exhilarating solo. It was one of many highlights for the affable Mackin who was in the spotlight all evening.

It’s always impressive when a lead singer can perform an entire set while playing guitar and keeping the crowd on their feet. Key did a wonderful job of keeping the show a true pop-punk spectacle. Sean Mackin receives most of my credit for the night, though. I was continuously blown away by the energy and talent brought to a rock show by a violinist, and he didn’t stop there. He also did an excellent job on the back-up vocals and was very interactive with the crowd.

Another song worth noting was “Lights and Sounds” off of their wildly popular album Paper Walls. The crowd seemed to reach a fever pitch, jumping and screaming throughout; but then again, that was only until they performed “Ocean Avenue.” There is no better way for Yellowcard to close a high energy show than with a passionate performance of  their most popular song. I nearly lost my voice after this show and my legs were most definitely sore the next morning.

For anyone who hadn’t heard Southern Air before attending this concert, I can say that every song performed from the album blew me away and absolutely convinced me to give the CD another listen. Some of my favorites were “Southern Air” and “Always Summer;” both very relatable to us “Floridians.”

Yellowcard has been around for 13 years and is still making music that people love and they’ve earned the allegiance of their loyal fans who keep coming back for their energetic love of the band’s music. In 2008 Yellowcard did a small acoustic tour before going on a two year hiatus I had the opportunity to see Key perform acoustically and was floored by a heart stopping performance of “Dear Bobbie” dedicated to his grandmother. This night was a nice return to seeing the whole band back together rocking the stage like they are meant to.

I would always recommend to anyone to spend a night with Yellowcard rockin’ the house.

Check out the setlist below

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Set List:

  1. Awakening
  2. Surface of the Sun
  3. Way Away
  4. Breathing
  5. Shrink the World
  6. Rivertown Blues
  7. Light Up the Sky
  8. Always Summer
  9. Holly Wood Died
  10. Five becomes Four
  11. Hang You Up
  12. With You Around
  13. Believe
  14. Lights and Sounds
  15. Only One
  16. Southern Air
  17. ENCORE: Sing for Me
  18. ENCORE: Here I am Alive
  19. ENCORE: Ocean Avenue

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  1. First time seeing the band, and I thought they put on a great show, and you are right, their crowd is absolutely passionate about the band. I was impressed by the humility of Key and Mackin – they both seemed very appreciative of the crowd.

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