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West End – Seminole County’s Top Rock Room

I recently made my first trip to West End Trading Company in Downtown Sanford, and left that evening feeling like I discovered something special.

West End Live is a cozy rock room and a great place to see a show.  They feature live music four or five times a week, and offer up a handful of national acts each month.  We caught Rehab playing to a near full house in the 300 seat venue, and Unwritten Law is there next week.  A lot of the music is reggae or hip hop, and they also feature local and national rock acts. The crowd is as diverse as the music selections and it’s a comfortable place.

The only downside to the club is that it is very smoky, otherwise it’s damn near perfect for catching a show. The room is nicely sized to catch an emerging act, and for Seminole County residents, the location is fantastic.  West End is just off of 2nd Street on Sanford Avenue. It’s easy to get to, with plenty of free parking nearby. It’s a nice alternative to Downtown Orlando and the nearby tourist areas.

As for the club itself, West End is two bars in one.  The primary area features two bars with a beach vibe, and the friendliest bartenders around.  In fact, of all of the local music venues around, I don’t recall any joints with more friendly service.  As any regular readers know, my next favorite past time after rock music is Beer.  West End offers more than 50 beers in bottles/cans, and about a dozen on tap. This place is pure heaven for beer drinking, Rock And Roll Animals, like us! This room was pretty smoky, too.

Attached to the main bar is the West End Live venue.  Capacity is about 250 to 300 and the sound in the room is above average.  Sight lines are excellent and there’s not a bad seat in the house.  OK, there’s really not many seats, as it’s more of a standing room venue, but no matter where you are, you are close to the show.

I highly recommend the place for an intimate rock experience in the friendly Seminole County confines of West End Trading Company.

Rock On!

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