The Big Ticket Festival – Best Of Edition

Wow – one hell of a show in Jacksonville yesterday!

Our first trip to The Big Ticketand damn were we impressed.  An absolutely great line-up, and everything ran fantastically well. We have a slew of excellent pictures and lots of material to share over the next few days. Like us on Facebook to keep up with all of our photos and Follow us on Twitter for updates.

In the meantime, here’s our Best of Listing for our first Big Ticket experience:

  • Song of the Day – “Glycerine” by Bush. Immediately after running through the crowd, Gavin Rossdale comes back on stage and plays this cut off of Sixteen Stone, unaccompanied for the first few verses – starkly spectacular The crowd sings along throughout, and the full band returns for a rousing close; a great performance of a great rock song.
  • Best Chill Spot – The gazebo down by the river. Soothing sounds of the water, yet still close enough to hear the bands on the Main Stage, and plenty of shade.  We caught a few folks meditating when we stopped by.  Cool spot, literally
  • Best Sounding Artist – Grouplove. Never Trust A Happy Song was one of our Top 10 albums of 2011, and the band played every song flawlessly.  All three vocalists sounded great and the music was perfect.  Bonus points to Andrew Wessen for the only ukulele of the day.
  • Best Mosh Moment – If you’ve read us before, you know we don’t love mosh pits, and thankfully not too many this day, but we did have a nice one spontaneously form during Flogging Molly’s rollicking “The Likes of You Again.” Moshing with a bit of Irish Jig tossed in.
  • Best Vendor – The tent right near our chill locale. Not sure of the vendor name, but they were selling psychedelic attire and classic concert merchandise.  Lots of cool threads and all kinds of cool niche items.
  • Top Singalong moment – There were a few nice ones throughout the day, but when Fun hit the stage, the crowd was packed and in a frenzy.  No surprise here, but EVERYONE sang along to We Are Young.”
  • Most Chatty Artist – Tyler Joseph of Twenty One Pilots was a blast throughout his set.  Constantly chatting with the crowd, he was entertaining and funny.  Loved his request for the crowd to pretend they were calling the band out for an encore.  Creative stuff…
  • Best Food – The $9 funnel cake.  I hate having to buy a ticket before spending money, but for this monstrous and perfectly greased treat, it was worth the effort. Good stuff, and good for you (right?).
  • Crowd-pleasing Moment – There were a bunch of great sets and a few moments that really stood out, like Rossdale’s tour through the crowd or Joseph’s trip up the rafters, but I’ll go with Aswan North of Paper Tongues who jumped across the Photos pit and then Security to mix with the crowd, and they loved it.
  • Best Parking Spot – we grabbed the first lot we saw and may have ended up outside of Duval County.  The Jaguars lot right across from the venue was much closer, the same price and had plenty of spaces, and a more vibrant tailgating feel.  Sold…
  • Justin Bieber Moment – No doubt about it, when Fun’s Nate Reuss stepped onto the stage, my ears started bleeding from all of the high-pitched squeals, but damn can that guy sing – an excellent entertainer!
  • Act of the Day – As I mentioned, so many great acts to choose from, but I’m going to go with Twenty One Pilots.  I already mentioned the interaction with the crowd, we also had lead singer Tyler Joseph sing one song from atop the speaker tower, another from the rafters in the center of the crowd, and the finale from the roof of the motor home next to the stage.  Drummer Josh Dun was nearly as animated, and the dup were just an absolute blast their entire set.

So, that’s it for now.  Lots of material still to come.  Make sure you Like us on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter for all of our Big Ticket coverage and loads of photos.

(Here’s our summary review of the Festival)

Rock On!

14 thoughts on “The Big Ticket Festival – Best Of Edition”

  1. There were a bunch to chose from. I would have to say that my favorite set was Grouplove’s, they sounded great, had an excellent setlist and were a ton of fun. Bush, Twenty One Pilots, Of Monsters and Men, Paper Tongues, etc… were all pretty damn good, too.

  2. Excellent “Best Of” list! I missed Twenty One Pilots on Sunday, but got to see them open for Neon Trees/Walk the Moon in August- such great energy. And we did the same thing with parking: grabbed the first lot and had to walk… and walk.
    The line up on the main stage was incredible. Besides finally getting to see Grouplove live, a highlight for me was Of Monsters and Men, especially watching fun.’s Andrew and Jack view their set from the side of the stage! 🙂
    Truly a fantastic day.

  3. Debbie – I couldn’t have said it any better! Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    BTW – I saw Of Monsters and Men two days before this show in Orlando, their full set was even more impressive. If you click the search on top of this page, you can see that review, as well as Neon Trees (where we got some great photos, too). Thanks again!

  4. why noluv for the local bands??????????????? i would think they need more publicity then the already huge groups on the mainstage….jus my least a catergory

  5. It’s not that there’s no love for the local bands. it’s a matter of resources. We had one reporter available (me) and the promoters that arranged our access to the show were representing the bands on the 2 main stages. Tried to cover all of those bands, including the smaller local acts, but there’s a limit to what can be done. All that being said, I did travel out to the local stages in early afternoon and they were both empty.

    Basically, I love new emerging acts and we support them all the time – got any bands we should check out let us know, or become a contributor yourself 🙂 Rock On!

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