Super Moon Tunes - Moon Songs

Super Moon Tunes – Moon Songs

Moon Songs – In Honor of Full Moon


Great “Moon” Tunes

Super Moon is back, and here are the most appropriate moon songs – super rock ‘n roll moon tunes to accompany its magical voyage across the sky; The RARA’s Farmer’s Dozen of Moon Tunes.  The rules? Pretty simple stuff – it needs to rock, the word “moon” needs to be in each song title, and I have to like it.

So, no more keeping you in the dark – here are the Top 12 Moon Songs.

12. “Destination Moon,” They Might Be Gaints – A minor hit for the American Alt-Rockers, but a fun song that catches them at their best.

11. “Brother Wolf, Sister Moon,” The Cult – This is an excellent cut from the English band’s near perfect 1985 release Love.  This one sometimes gets lost among all of the other great tunes on the fantastic album, but it’s pretty damn good, too.

10. “Walking on the Moon,” Police – Sting wrote this one drunk off his ass, where it started as “Walking in My Room,” and it morphed into a number 1 hit in the UK.

9. “Red Hot Moon,” Rancid – A fun little ditty from the notorious punk/ska rockers form SoCal.  This one never became a hit, but still good stuff…

8. “Moondance,” Van Morrison – An acoustic masterpiece from 1969 from the legendary Irish rocker. This is my favorite song with “fantabulous” in the lyrics.

7. “The Killing Moon,” Echo and the Bunnymen – Some of Ian McCulloough’s best vocals, and he’s had a lot of great stuff. Interestingly, the tag “Fate up against your will” began as “Fate up against a whale.”

6. “The Whole of the Moon,” Waterboys – A one hit wonder from the U.K. This hypnotic 1985 song took years to become a hit, but worth the wait. The horns are excellent.

5. “Bark At the Moon.” Ozzy Osbourne – One of the best solo efforts from Ozzy, this title track from 1983, was the first song released after the death of Randy Rhoads.

4. “Man On the Moon,” REM – the lyrics about the death of mercurial comedian Andy Kaufman are just plain weird. Nonetheless, this song is one of the best from the uber-talented trio from Athens.

3. “Bad Moon Rising,” Creedence Clearwater Revival – This was a huge hit from CCR’s 1969 album Green River. This timeless tune has stood the test of time and subsequent generations continue to sing along with “there’s a bathroom on the right.”

2. “Harvest Moon,” Neil Young – One of my favorite love songs.  This 1992 hit is Neil at the top of his game.  The music is perfect, the vocals are perfect, the imagery is perfect, the lyrics are perfect.  The perfect song for anyone in a long enduring relationship.

1. “Under A Raging Moon,” Roger Daltry – this title track from Daltry’s 1985 album is an amazing tribute to the late, great, often insane Keith Moon.  The middle drum solo is a fantastic tribute and a damn near perfect “solo” featuring Martin Chambers (Pretenders), Roger Taylor (Queen), Cozy Powell (Rainbow), Stewart Copeland (Police), Zak Starkey(Ringo’s son, the Who), Carl Palmer (ELP) and Mark Brzezicki(Big Country). It’s just a great under appreciated song.

Check them out yourself on the playlist below and let us know what you think.

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