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Cowboy Mouth Makes Triumphant Return

Over the past twenty years, Cowboy Mouth has developed a loyal following and a fantastic reputation as a great live act, but for some reason, they haven’t made the 600 mile trek from New Orleans to Orlando in quite some time.  On Friday night, they were back in The City Beautiful and entertained the packed House of Blues with a powerful set.

Led by their charismatic and energetic front man, Fred LeBlanc, they left the thousand fans in attendance hoarse, exhausted and thoroughly entertained.  RARA’s Farm brought almost twenty fans, most of them CM-virgins, and most were thoroughly impressed by the performance. “The name of the band is…”

LeBlanc is an anomaly in the rock music scene.  He’s a drummer who’s also the band’s front man. His drum kit is tight against the front of the stage and is stripped down a bit, providing better sight lines and allowing him to better connect with the crowd.  It sure is different, but damn, it works well. LeBlanc just reeks of charisma and instantly connects with the crowd.  There’s plenty of call and answer, sing-along and hand claps, as well as a handful of surprises, such as LeBlanc pulling a talented young teen out of the crowd to join him on drums for a song.

Cowboy Mouth in Orlando
Cowboy Mouth in Orlando

Their nearly two hour set featured twenty plus songs spanning their entire music library, including a few odes to their hometown New Orleans, most of their fan favorites, and a few tracks off of their new album, This Train. A few of the highlights included two covers, a crowd led rendition of Otis Redding’s classic “Amen” and “Sweet Child of Mine” featuring the vocals and lead guitar of Matt Jones.

John Thomas Griffith is the other original Cowboy Mouth band member, and is still hugely popular.  He took lead vocals and dodged red spoons for the crowd favorite “Everybody Loves Jill,” and also dug deep in the band’s catalog for a fun version of “Here I Sit in Prison.”  The band is rounded out by talented bassist Casandra Faulconer.

But, this band still revolves around the dynamic LeBlanc (read our review with Fred from earlier this year).  He interacted with the crowd and had his ardent fans in the palm of his hand all night, as he offered up selections that spanned the band’s entire catalog, including “Easy,” “Disconnected,” “Take Me Back To New Orleans,” and their biggest hit “Jenny Says.” The highlight for me was a rousing version of the under-appreciated, “I Believe.”

For those of us in attendance, including RARA’s Farm’s band of first-timers, it was great dose of passionate, powerful rock ‘n roll from the talented band from The Big Easy. Hopefully, we’ll see them back in Orlando in the near future.

Rock On!

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4 thoughts on “Cowboy Mouth Makes Triumphant Return”

  1. I myself was at the concert (first timer to CW) and didn’t really know what to expect. What I did see was a lead drummer that enjoyed the music, crowd and environment. To me, none of the non-drum members of the band showed much enthusiasm of being onstage. It was mostly the usual funny face solos from the lead guitarist and movement from the rest of the band. I did get tired of always yelling out “The name of the band is “Cowboy Mouth””. I guess he has to do this in order for us to remember who he is after 1 day or 2 since its such a strange name.

  2. Luc – thanks for commenting. I agree that Fred is the focal point of the band and the most charismatic, but I didn’t think the rest of the band as going through the motions at all. As for the funny faces during the solos, I believe that is part of the job description for all rock guitarists. 🙂

  3. The whole band is just going thru the motions. They are still entertaining, but they haven’t been the same since Paul Sanchez left.

  4. Slappy – I’ll admit that the band without Paul is not the same. He was a great songwriter and a nice balance to Fred’s craziness. Can’t agree that the whole band is going through the motions, though. Fred is as passionate as ever, and two of the other three are new to the band and were working it all night.

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