Women are Heard at the 2018 Non-Commercial Radio Convention

WXPN’s NonCommvention Spotlights Challenges for Women in the Music Business

The Non-Commercial Radio industry rolled into Philadelphia for four days at the 18th Annual NonCommvention 2018.  Along with industry producers, station managers, radio hosts, and a cadre of other professionals, came over thirty bands in a show of unity and promise that seems to be missing in our country these days.

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NonComm 2018

WXPN’s Annual Festival Features Music the Matters

The 2018 Non-Commercial Radio Convention (NonCommvention), a whirlwind of music and discussion, descended upon World Café Live at WXPN Studios in Philadelphia for the 18th straight year last week.  Once again, proving the power of music.

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NON-COMMvention 2017 Preview


This week, more than 28 bands will descend upon the City of Brotherly Love bringing compelling music with them. They will discuss the current state of the record industry or music industry or digital revolution or whatever you call it depending upon the decade you were born in. Topics like “The Role of Big Record Labels” and “Music Metrics that Matter” will be on the agenda. But mostly they will bring Music with them. They are there to rock and to rock for the sake of the Music.

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