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Astari Nite Blinds Eyes with Soulful Performance!

Astari Nite Show Review

It’s an ecstatic moment when you find a group of people who excel at what they do and then they blow your mind by not only bringing back to life a long-lost sound but they improve upon it. Even in another life I feel as if Astari Nite would be as talented as they are now with the show I recently attended at Will’s on Mills (as locals call this venue, but for name’s sake the venue goes by Will’s Pub).

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Astari Nite Photos – Will’s Pub

Astari Nite Photos – Ben Costa

Photos from the Astari Nite show at Will’s Pub in September 2017. All photos: Ben Costa.

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Astari Nite Brings Goth New Wave Back!

Astari Night Features New Music on Upcoming Florida Dates

In order for me to describe the song, “The Girl Who Tried,” I would have to take you back to a track called “The Boy Who Tried.” Released in 2014 by a band called Astari Nite, off of their EP Anonymous, this song starts with a low frequency gritty rumble and makes it’s way into synth sounding electronica with a nice heavy bass and drums.

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Kolars is the newish lovechild of two former members of modern folk band He’s My Brother She’s My Sister. Rob and Lauren Kolar have crafted a distinctively creative sound that I’d categorize as Danceabilly.  Imagine what would happen when Bleachers collide with Social Distortion – that’s the best way I can describe their sound.

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Sweet Guitar Rock from Brother Hawk

RARAsFarm JB Brisendine of Brother HawkStraight-forward Southern guitar rock seems to be a sadly diminishing genre these days, but this weekend, I had the chance to enjoy some sweet, bluesy rock when Atlanta’s Brother Hawk made a soulful tour stop at Will’s Pub in Orlando.

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Will’s Pub Celebrates 20 In Style

Richard Sherfy All God's Children Will's Pub 20th
Richard Sherfy & All God’s Children at Will’s Pub 20th

Last Sunday, Will’s Pub demonstrated just why they’ve become such an important part of the Orlando rock music scene as they celebrated twenty years of memorable rock ‘n roll in their cozy Mills Avenue venue.

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Will’s Pub Celebrating 20 Years Sunday

Over the past twenty years, this tiny club on Mill Street has established themselves as the premiere Indie rock venue in the Orlando area. This Sunday, Will’s Pub celebrates twenty amazing years of music, brews and camaraderie with a huge full day bash.

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James Durbin Talks About His Upcoming Tour

James Durbin Photo
James Durbin – Photo by LeAnn Mueller

James Durbin’s “Celebrate” Tour Comes to Florida

The Central Florida 2014 rock concert season is about to instantly ratchet up a few notches with heralded young rocker James Durbin tearing through Orlando and Jacksonville as part of his current National Tour.

The American Idol success story is touring in support of his forthcoming release,Celebrate, on a tour that promises to spotlight his continued growth as an artist and performer. Durbin took some time out of his tour schedule to share some thoughts on the album and the tour, including one from our Twitter Community.

RARA’s Farm: For your new album Celebrate, you had considerably more time to complete the release. What was the greatest advantage to having that time to prepare?
James Durbin: The greatest advantage to having more time to make the record was that it gave me more time to write and craft the record itself. On the physical record (not including bonus tracks) I co-wrote 10 of the 11 tracks. That definitely wouldn’t have happened without having that solid, creative time span.

RARA’s Farm:The first single “Parachute” is a pop anthem in the waiting, it possesses a bit more of a polished and mainstream feel than your earlier music, is that what we should expect throughout the album?
James Durbin: Yes and no. The whole record is composed of songs that are very hooky and catchy. It’s all fairly “mainstream” (if that word even still holds value). Like I said before, I had time on my side making Celebrate. Time to know and find out what worked and what didn’t.

RARA’s Farm:You have cited the influences of many diverse artists In your past, The Beatles and Paul McCartney seem to play a prominent role. Would you consider Paul your greatest influence as an artist?
James Durbin: Now that you mention it, I always find myself referring to The Beatles and Paul McCartney’s songwriting style. If you’re gonna look up to someone, might as well pick the greatest living legend, right? No one works for their entire life’s dream aiming for the middle.

RARA’s Farm:Which song off of Celebrate translates the best live, or is your favorite to perform live?
James Durbin: I really love performing “Parachute”. There’s nothing more important than loving your single because you’ll be playing it for the rest of your life. Whichever one it is. It sucks playing something over and over because you have to, but it’s a walk in the park when you listen to it like it’s your own theme song.

RARA’s Farm:Will fans from American Idol see any of the songs you performed on the show in your show setlist on this tour?
James Durbin: Probably not. But then again you never know. I like to perform “on the fly”. There’s so much liberty in being able to go off on some jam. Stray from the setlist ya know? I’m really loving that these days. We are musicians after all.

RARA’s Farm: You seem to wear your heart on your sleeve and are quite passionate when you perform. Which song touches your heart the most when you perform it these days?
James Durbin: “May” has been and always will be an emotional song to perform. Especially when I open my eyes, look into the audience, and see people crying.

RARA’s Farm:Could you tell us anything about the touring band?
James Durbin: It’s me on guitar the whole show. That’s a first. In addition I have my bassist Justin Kastner, who I found on Craigslist, no joke (Thanks Craig!), and one of my best friends Jeremy Cross on percussion. Jeremy was the first person to ever ask me if I wanted to join/start a band. It’s good to have friends with you on tour. Hallelujah!

And finally, from one of our Twitter followers:
Wendy Liu ‏@wendyucliu6h:  In one word, how would you describe your new album?
James Durbin: “CELEBRATE”, that’s why I named it that.

That pretty much says it all. Come out and CELEBRATE with RARA’s Farm as Durbin brings his show to Central Florida in the next week.  We’ll be at the show and providing our review and photos right here afterwards. Follow Us on Twitter and Like Us on Facebook for coverage of this show and everything rock music related in the Central Florida region.

Upcoming Area Shows
Wed. 1/15 – Will’s Pub, Orlando
Fri. 1/17 – Brewster’s Roc Bar, Jacksonville

Tix for both shows are available and at bargain prices! Tickets and a full concert listing are available here: James Durbin Tour Schedule

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