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New Metallica Videos

New Metallica Videos Released in Advance of Hardwired… To Self Destruct

New Metallica videosMetallica offered up a fantastic surprise to their faithful this afternoon. The legendary rockers announced that 13 new Metallica videos will be released in the next twenty-four hours. That represents one for each track off of the soon to be released Hardwired… To Self Destruct.  Three videos have already hit the streets, but the remaining ten tracks roll out to their fans every two hours.

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Song of the Week: Silly Bones

Streets of Laredo – Silly Bones

In his recent album review for Streets of Laredo’s Wild, Cretin offered his thoughts on  their new single “Silly Bones.”

A blissful escape punctuated by pristine harmonies and sweet piano…

They just released their new video for the song and we decided it was the perfect choice to be our featured rock song of the week.

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Library Voices

The more I hear from this talented Regina, Saskatchewan band, the more I enjoy their earthy blend of pop rock. They’ve just released their new video for “Escape Artist.” Check it out and see if it reminds you at all of classic Echo & The Bunnymen.

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Check Out New Foals


New Video From Foals Out Today

2013 was the breakthrough year for UK Indie rockers Foals, with their breakthrough hit “My Number” and the release of their third full-length album Holy Fire.

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Lemonade – Sweet Nectar For Your Ears

The Dead Deads Release Captivating New Rock

A few weeks ago, RARAs Farm’s own Philip Snyder stumbled across The Dead Deads, a compelling band opening for Leaving Haven at House Of Blues, and after reading his review,I was immediately drawn to learn more about this non-traditional Nashville act.
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In-Flight Safety Debuts Destroy Video


In Flight Safety. Photo credit: Meghan Tansey Whitton
In Flight Safety. Photo credit: Meghan Tansey Whitton


Excellent New Music from Canada’s In-Flight Safety

They’ve established a strong track record over the past decade North of the border, but truly haven’t achieved tremendous success here in the United States… yet…

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As legend has it, back in 2003, they received a two word email from David Bowie. “Nice Album,” it was the impetus they needed to pursue their rock music dreams. Now, more than a decade later, they’ve released their third full-length album, Conversationalist. “Destroy,” the second single from the album has just been released, with the accompanying video hitting the streets yesterday.

“Destroy” is a stylistic rocker that’s just a blast to listen to. From the first dulcet notes to the rousing finish, the song envelops you and pulls you into a vivid musical journey. The song kicks off with lush, soothing harmonies before building to a crescendo and exploding through the speakers. The music is comfortably reminiscent of in their prime Echo & The Bunnymen – soaring vocals, catchy atmospheric guitars and hard-driving, freight train drums. Yup, it’s pretty damn good, and it’s a rock song that fits wonderfully in 2015.

It’s a polished hit waiting to happen and an infectious song worth a listen or twelve.

Check it out here:

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