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Lacey Sturm and Local Rockers Coming to Winter Park

Lacey Sturm earlier this year at Welcome To Rockville. Photo: Jackie Creedon.
Lacey Sturm earlier this year at Welcome To Rockville. Photo: Jackie Creedon.

Lacey Sturm is a dynamic rock vocalist with an impressive track record, both as lead singer for Flyleaf, and as a solo performer. She brings her solo show to Winter Park, headlining an impressive show produced by local promoter Maniacal Mojo this Friday, July 22nd in Winter Park.

And as a nice treat for local rock fans, the lineup features a slew of diverse and talented local and regional rock bands, as well.

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Tarable Thoughts

A Brilliant Lie Interview

So, I sat down to have a serious conversation about music with the five sharp, creative minds that collectively are A Brilliant Lie, we tucked ourselves behind a table on the cozy outdoor patio at The Copper Rocket, a Maitland joint that does more than their fair share when it comes to supporting the local music scene.

A Brilliant Lie Group Photo
A Brilliant Lie during a rare quiet moment at Copper Rocket

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A Brilliant Lie Interview

ABL’s View on Touring, The Rock Business and Other Tarable Things…

A Brilliant Lie Group Photo by rarasfarm.com
A Brilliant Lie Group Photo

I recently sat down with the five very talented and easily distracted members of A Brilliant Lie. We chilled on the patio of Copper Rocket in Maitland and had a thorough, captivating and rambling discussion. It’s far too much info for one interview, so I’ll break this into two or three hopefully entertaining chunks.

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Big Week For A Brilliant Lie


A Brilliant Lie Prepare for New Album Release

They’re one of the most exciting rock bands in Orlando and as July kicks off, this talented band is pretty damn busy.

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After a whirlwind recording session this Spring, they recently released the track listing for their forthcoming EP Threads: Cutter, which will be a three part series rolling out over the next year. They’ll spotlight the new music at House of Blues this weekend, and they provided the first peek at their new music with a preview on YouTube.

Let’s start with the Album Release show details. A Brilliant Lie will headline this month’s Orlando Rocks at the Downtown Disney HOB, with a show that you can see for a paltry five bucks through this link (Or Free with the promo code “Brilliant”): LiveNation – Orlando Rocks. The band was also recently offering their fans free tix via email at tickets@abrilliantlie.com, which may still be a possibility if you do not have a LiveNation account.

For those of you not familiar with A Brilliant Lie, this fivesome delivers guitar-driven rock fronted by charismatic lead singer Tara Lightfoot. They are a blast on stage and always deliver an entertaining set. On Saturday, they’ll also be joined by the engaging pop-punk of Hero’s Fate.  (They are also a blast on social media and I highly recommend following them for guaranteed chuckles and some damn good rock)

The first single from Threads is a gritty rocker that shows the band pushing themselves in an edgier direction. It’s good stuff, and a track that highlights Lightwood’s voice as never before. Check out “Circles For Sewing” below.

The EP, Cutter, is the first of a trio that we will see released over the next year. It can be pre-ordered here: www.abrilliantlie.com , or picked up at the event on Saturday night, or for you old school  iTunes fans, purchased on-line on the 17th.

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Threads Cutter Tracklist:
1. Always at Odds
2. Pieces
3. Circles for Sewing
4. Drive til Morning
5. Bittered Bones

Titusville Adds Fuel to Local Music Scene

Titusville – From Rockets To Rockers

There’s been a bit of a resurgence for rock music along Florida’s East Coast this year. Still, I was surprised to see a notable rock music event targeted for Titusville’s Sandpoint Park… surprised, but absolutely excited by the prospects.

The park, which is known as a prime viewing locale for rockets, never struck me as a fitting venue for rockers, but it turned out to be an ideal location. The broad green expanse boasts a picturesque view along the Indian River, and it’s the perfect size for an outdoor rock ‘n roll celebration, and this inaugural event met all of my expectations and leaves me looking forward to more.

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Barefoot Productions put on the show and did a killer job with just about everything. The line-up was a great mix of Active/Alternative Rock artists with national and local appeal. One of the biggest names in Alt-rock, Fuel, headlined the event, and were joined by red hot Birmingham, Alabama rockers Within Reason. Two talented Orlando-based bands who I had not previously seen, A Brilliant Lie and Leaving Haven kicked off the night, as well.

A Brilliant Lie in Titusville
Tara Lightfoot of A Brilliant Lie performs in Titusville

A Brilliant Lie, is a young female-fronted five-piece who are just dripping with potential and they were a great choice to open the event. Their melodic rock was a guitar-driven feast, as they’ve recently added Matthew Movens as their third guitarist. Bass player Zachary Treman was a whirling dervish on stage and was an early highlight.  But, the focal point of this band is vocalist Tara Lightfoot. She boasts a fresh, engaging rock voice and was comfortable and interactive with the very appreciative crowd. (see our A Brilliant Lie photos here).

Leaving Haven in Titusville
Trevor Hastings and Leaving Haven on-stage in Titusville

Next up was Leaving Haven, a quintet from across the country who came together in Orlando a few years ago.  They’re a talented outfit who have played numerous shows with key names from across the rock universe, and are supporting the release of several recent singles.  They also boasted a more polished sound featuring catchy guitar riffs and versatile vocals from lead singer Trevor Hastings. (see our Leaving Haven photos here)

Both of the “local” acts were very well-received by the crowd, and are likely destined for bigger and better things in the near future.  No doubt that you’ll be reading more about them on our blog, and social networks throughout the next year.

Within Reason at Sandpoint Park, Titusville
Within Reason at Sandpoint Park, Titusville

Next up was a band that we at RARAsFarm are very familiar with.  Birmingham’s Within Reason impressed us on the festival circuit earlier this year and were the primary reason we decided to attend this show.  They play a powerful brand of rock ‘n roll that is perfect for hard rock radio, and they always tear it up on stage.  On this night, they did it again with an entertaining forty-five minute set that was the highlight of the night. Read our full review of Within Reason’s set here and see their photos here).

Fuel took the stage last and did a decent job closing out Titusville’s first night of rock ‘n roll. Original vocalist Brett Scallions, the heart and soul of Fuel is back leading the band. He strolled onto the stage, grabbed the mic and addressed the crowd, “Shall we rock? Let the party begin” and the band kicked into a rollicking version of “Last Time.”  Scallions with a smile plastered across his face throughout the set, was an engaging front man.

Fuel Performing Live in Titusville
Guitarist Yogi Lonich of Fuel Performing Live in Titusville

There were some nice moments throughout the set, but the performance was a bit underwhelming, especially after the first three bands. But, Scallions was true to his word, “Today we’ll hear a little old, a little new and everything in between.”  The band offered up great versions of “Shimmer” and “Bad Day,” the latter track featuring impressive singalong vocals from the crowd. I also enjoyed two new tracks “Time For Me To Stop,” a song about addiction and “Puppet Strings” which was one of several songs to feature pristine guitar solos from Yogi Lonich. My personal highlight was a long meandering interactive duet between Lonich and Scallions.

Fuel closed the night with a rousing version of their 2000 hit “Hemorrhage.” It was a big way to end a big night of rock ‘n roll in an ideal outdoor venue on the Titusville shores of the Indian River.

Parting thoughts:

  • The city of Titusville was very welcoming. The first person I met at the front gate was a city council member who seemed truly excited to see us there, and the residents and police supporting the event might have been the most friendly I’ve ever come across.
  • The backstage VIP area under the pavillion was a great set-up, and the subs were amazing. (anyone know where the subs came from?)
  • Barefoot Productions nailed the production of this event. All four bands were excellent and complemented each other well.  And, every act started exactly on time.
  • The mix was a bit messy at times but overall sounded good especially considering it was the first event of its kind in this location.
  • All four artists went out of their way to thank Barefoot Productions profusely. Sounds like they were treated as well as the VIP guests.
  • The only real negative was that the crowd was smaller than it should have been.  Many of the fans we chatted with noted that the advertising and promotion before the event were ineffective. Sure, we’re not exactly Rolling Stone, but we feel we’re a meaningful music outlet in the area (we are, right?), and we had no clue about this event until we stumbled across it ourselves on a Within Reason’s website a few days earlier.

A few of the artists mentioned that another similar event was headed to this area in March. That, if true, is great news, because this night absolutely showed the potential for this area. Hopefully we’ll see another meaningful rock event at the venue soon, with a line-up just as good as the one we enjoyed on the inaugural concert.

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