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Reggae On the Block Returns to Orlando

It is almost time for one of Orlando’s most distinctive and entertaining music festivals, when Reggae On the Block 4 hits Downtown O-Town on October 7th. This year’s version is brought to us by our friends at 101.1 WJRR, Real Radio 104.1, Foundation Presents, Elixir, Bud Light and by Hard Rock Cafe Orlando, and takes place at Social Pavilion & Washington Street in the heart of the City Beautiful.

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The Biggest Party with the Best Soundtrack in Central Florida (A.K.A. EDBD24)

Our Recap of EDBD24 (A.K.A. Earthday Birthday 24)

When you pull into the parking lot of the Central Florida Fairgrounds at ten in the morning and see groups of people adorned with piercings, tattoos, and multi-colored hair drinking beer by their cars, you might think: “I might be in the wrong neighborhood!” Or, if you’re like me, you think: “This is going to be one hell of a party!”

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Earthday Birthday 24 Preview

A Central Florida Rock Tradition: Earthday Birthday 24 on April 22

Spring is in the air here in Central Florida: Pollen, love bugs, smoke from brush fires, and the sweet sounds of rock music. ‘Tis the season for music festivals, and we’ve got some great ones- Gasparilla, Florida Music Fest, 98 Rockfest, and of course, Earthday Birthday 24, put on by Orlando’s favorite station, 101.1 WJRR.

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Get Ready for FMF 2016

The Florida Music Festival is one of my favorite musical events in the state, and the 2016 version kicks off this Thursday, April 21st. And, just like last year, the music is free – so get your asses out to downtown Orlando this weekend – no excuses…

FMF 2016

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Paul Williams – The Bokey’s Rock Music Ambassador

Paul Williams is the gregarious owner of West End Trading and the unofficial Ambassador of Sanford. He has operated the comfortable, friendly West End music venue for nearly a decade, during that time watching the place triple in size as their critical role as the primary rock venue in Seminole county continues to spread its wings. He coined the #sanfording hashtag and has recently added the Celery City Craft taproom to his Sanford portfolio.

We sat down with him in his chaotic office and had a quick chat about his passion for rock music, Sanfording, buying Local and a few other things.

Paul Williams The Bokey.
Paul Williams – the unofficial mayor of The Bokey.

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Florida Music Festival Invades Florida


FMF Band Showcases

The Florida Music Festival returns to Orlando this weekend with a plethora of excellent local rock on tap for Orlando rock fans, and they’ve got a nice twist this year.

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The twist? How does free admission to the music showcases sound?

Over the three day event, you’ll have the chance to see 125 (mostly) local bands at more than a dozen downtown venues beginning Thursday, April 16th. It’s a rare opportunity to see the best of the hard working bands from the city, the state and the region. There’s a tremendous amount of talent toiling on the local music scene that deserves our attention, and this is the perfect set-up to get your fill.

I’m a little late to the table on this event, and I’ve never attended a previous Florida Music Festival, so I can’t offer too much inside information (yet). There are some very affordable industry functions, speakers and Happy Hours – a great time to mix and mingle with other folks in the music business. I’ll definitely welcome the opportunity to rub elbows with these hard working folks.

But, let’s get back to the music. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing a handful of these hands previously, and can guarantee there’s going to be something for any music lover, at any time during any of the three days.

Here are some bands that you need to have on your radar:

Randi Stickles of Blaine The Mono
Randi Stickles of Blaine The Mono

Thursday Can’t Miss Acts
Wall Street Plaza – Savannah (9:45), The Crazy Carls (10:45), Jonnie Morgan Band (midnight)
Wall Street Plaza II – Kasson (11:30)Bullitt Bar – Blaine the Mono (9:30) and Death Of Paris (8:30)
Backbooth – Diarrhea Planet ($5)
Magnolia – Kasson (9:00)

Alex Baugh Crazy Carls Big Orlando Festival
Alex Baugh of The Crazy Carls at The Big Orlando Festival

Friday Can’t Miss Acts
Wall Street Plaza – Hor!zen (midnight)
Cheyenne Saloon – Carly Jo Jackson (8:00)
Dr. Phillips – Matt Shenk (8:00)

Saturday Can’t Miss Acts
Wall Street Plaza – Bothering Dennis (8:00), The Supervillains (12:15 AM), Blue Man Group Drum Off (11:00)
Wall Street Plaza II – Groove Orient (10:30)
Cheyenne Saloon – Bailey Callahan (10:00)

If you can, make sure you check out the aforementioned bands, but make sure you visit the FMF website for the full schedule: FMF Showcases . And check back here in a few days for our thoughts and photos from the festival. (Make sure to Like our Facebook to assure you don’t miss a thing.

We’ll see you on the streets of Orlando this weekend!

Rock On!

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