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Album Review: 3 Pill Morning – Never Look Back

NLB_CoverMinneapolis is such an underrated city for music, even with the likes of Prince as a beacon for that city. Husker Du, The Replacements, and Soul Asylum all call The Twin Cities home as well. It’s a great place for a particular brand of rock music to thrive and new music from 3 Pill Morning is no different. Never Look Back is the band’s follow up to their 2012 debut Top 100 Black Tie Love Affair and continues to highlight the band’s melodic, but heavy, sound.

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New Indie Music

We’ve scoured our email boxes to find some hidden Indie gems available for our listening pleasure right now on Soundcloud. Take a few minutes to check out this RARA’s Farm’s crop of fresh new music and discover some excellent new stuff – that we call Gnu Rock.

The best new Indie rock!
The best new Indie rock!

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