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My Old Dutch Single Review

myolddutch (498x498)

My Old Dutch With Unique Spin on 50’s Rock

They’re a unique blend of rock music. A band boasting a creative retro modern feel, and an intriguing sound.

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My Old Dutch, an entertaining two-piece out of Melbourne have released a captivating new track with a clear 50’s vibe. It’s their first single and I guarantee you’ll be itching for more. They are a bit Stray Cats, a bit Social D and they dole out a raucous serving of rock ‘n roll. On “Howlin’ Marilyn” we sample them doling out a sentimental rockabilly beat with a healthy serving of fuzz and distortion.

A 2:49 excursion through the past and future of rock, and a hell of a lot of explosive guitar and drums. The vocals are pure 50’s, while the fuzzy guitar and hard-driving drums are more reminiscent of modern day Black Keys. It’s a fun, invigorating track from two talented guys that leaves me curious to see what’s in store next.

The low tech video is a fun journey, as well, as our protagonist deals with “Howlin’ Marilyn, his monstrous girlfriend. Check out the song and video below and let me know your thoughts.

Rock On!

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Social Distortion Shares Some Nursery Rhymes at HOB

Mike Ness and Social Distortion delivered a powerful set at House of Blues in Orlando last night in front of an electric and packed House. Ness has long epitomized the consummate bad-ass rock and roll front man and he still carries that torch.

Social D is touring in support of Hard Times and Nursery Rhymes, their first studio album in the past seven years. Still they only included two songs from the latest album: “Machine Gun Blues” and “Bakersfield.” Instead of shamelessly pushing the new tunes, they reached deep into their catalog, featuring classics from the past three decades, and throwing in a few nice surprises along the way. Perfect for the fervid fans in attendance.

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The band exploded onto the stage with a powerful version of “1945” and immediately ratcheted it up a notch when they moved into crowd favorite, 1983’s “Daddy’s Little Monster,” which pushed the considerably-sized mosh pit into a fever pitch. Then it was directly into their current hit “Machine Gun Blues” and a great singalong version of “Bad Luck” before Ness finally caught his breath.

Ness was energetic and engaged the crowd all night.  His signature vocals may have been even a bit more raspy at this point in his career, but still sounded strong considering his three decades of heavy touring.

Longtime sidekick Jonny Wickershamm was back on guitar.  He and Ness traded off the lead throughout the evening while bassist Brent Harding and drummer David Hidalgo, Jr kept the hard driving rhythm guiding the set all night. The only issue all night was that the sound mix was a little muddy Рespecially earlier in the show.

Other setlist highlights included “Story of My Life,” “So Far Away” and another fun singalong, this time to “Six More Miles” – an old Hank Williams cover. ¬†The band closed the core sixty minute set with “Nickels and Dimes.”

For the encore, they took the pitch up a notch and started with “Dear Lover” and “Don’t Drag Me Down” before closing it out with powerful versions of fan favorites “Prison Bound” and their fantastic cover of “Ring of Fire.”

Eighty minutes of energy and passion with a set-list clearly designed with the fans in mind; a great night with the greatest hard rocking punkabilly band ever.


  • 1945
  • Mommy’s Little Monster
  • Machine Gun Blues
  • Bad Luck
  • So Far Away
  • King of Fools
  • Story Of My Life
  • Bakersfield
  • Sweet & Lowdown
  • Reach for the Sky
  • Six More Miles¬†(Hank Williams cover)
  • Nickels and Dimes


  • Dear Lover
  • Don’t Drag Me Down
  • Prison Bound
  • Ring of Fire
Chuck Ragan warmed the crowd up with an impressive set of his trademark folksy rock.  He and fiddle player Jon Gaunt and bassist Joe Ginsberg filled the forty minute set with an interesting and unique blend of contemporary rock.

Checkout our video snippets of the show on our YouTube channel: Social D in Orlando 

Social Distortion – On the Road Again

Social Distortion, or as they are more commonly known by their passionate fans, Social D, is back on the road for another world tour, and they’ll be back in the United States this weekend at the Austin City Limits Festival. ¬†The band has made a nice transition from Punk¬†ambassadors¬†to a solid, energetic, hard-driving rock act. ¬†The sound of their new music is still punctuated by Mike Ness’s distinctive and powerful vocals, a hard-driving rhythm section and crisp guitar riffs. ¬†They play ACL Sunday night and then hit 24 more cities over the next two months.

While you wait for the band to hit your neighborhood, check out this great interview¬†from BunchTV with the band’s fantastic front man Mike Ness. ¬†He’s interviewed by an interesting “Folk/Punk” British artist Frank Turner. ¬†Turner was touring Germany with Social D at the time, and you can tell from the interview that he and Ness are quite comfortable together. ¬†It’s a great peek into the mind of the legendary front man, who has been the face of Social¬†Distortion¬†for the past 30 years. (There’s a quick 15 second German commercial up front, but after that it’s all in English)

The band is touring in support of their first new album in seven years,¬†Hard Times And Nursery Rhymes.¬†The album is the first produced by Ness, and in the interview with Turner, he notes that they’re currently working towards a follow-up. ¬†The interview is 30 minutes, but well worth the time, and it wraps up with a question regarding the five songs he’d provide to aliens once aboard the mother ship; some surprising answers including a surprise from one of their early influences The¬†Clash.

So, follow the link below and watch the interview, buy some tickets and go see them live, this tour. ¬†You won’t be sorry.

Mike G.

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