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Set It Off Album Release

Set It Off Album Release Event
Full Sail University

Set It Off Album Release FullSailSet It Off, one of the hottest acts on the pop rock scene, returned to their home state and delivered a memorable evening for area fans. The Tampa artists delivered a fun-filled spectacle at Full Sail University in Winter Park. The Set It Off album release event was a celebration of the upcoming release of their evocative third studio album Upside Down.

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Set It Off Announce Special Area Show

Set It Off during their recent stop on the Vans Warped Tour
Set It Off during their recent Vans Warped Tour stop.

They are one of Central Florida’s most successful rock acts over the past decade, and Set It Off the Tampa quartet is putting on a special event in the Orlando area to celebrate the upcoming release of their new album.  The Tampa quartet is offering local fans a killer opportunity to share in the excitement of the release for Upside Down which hits the streets on October 7th.

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All of Our Vans Warped Tour Band Photos

On a scorching day in Orlando, we bounced around from stage to stage and took hundreds of photos. Over the past two weeks, we shared some with our Facebook fans and a few collections here on our website. If you missed any of them, here’s your chance, as we have everything linked in one convenient spot.

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Black Mass Tour Concert Review

black mass

Black Mass Tour at House of Blues Orlando Dec 4 2014 Concert Review

Philip Snyder

Due to miscalculating the volume of traffic that would turn I-4 into gridlock to rubberneck a minor accident, my daughter and I made it to Downtown Disney about twenty minutes after the doors opened. That’s okay, I thought, we would just miss part of Drama Club’s set. Since their act seems to be mostly EDM, I didn’t worry too much about it. Having never been to a show at HOB before, I asked a staff member where to go. He pointed to a line that went across the front of the restaurant part of House of Blues.

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Black Mass Tour at House of Blues Orlando Dec 4 2014 Concert Review

Philip Snyder

Making our way to the end of the line at the front, we soon realized the line continued down the side, and to our horror, all the way across the back to the next building in Downtown Disney, about 700 feet by my estimate. I was sure we would miss the entire show by the time we got through that line, but thanks to the efficient staff, we made it inside within twenty minutes, the crazy part being that the line had been repopulated during our wait and was as long as it had been when we got in it.

HOB has a capacity of 3,000 standing, and arriving inside, seemed like it was already full as we pushed our way in, trying to find a good spot. We had missed Drama Club’s entire performance, and Tampa-based Set It Off had taken the stage, performing songs that seemed to me out of place on a tour called Black Mass, as they could have been played just as well in a reception at a megachurch. They mentioned their drummer, Matt Danziger’s hometown was Orlando, which garnered some cheering from the audience.

Arriving on the second floor, we squeezed into a spot along the railing where we could see vocalist Cody Carson crowd surfing the packed show floor while singing an inspiring anthem called “Why Worry” from their freshly released album Duality. After finishing their set, Carson invited everyone to come meet him, and promised to sign any of the band merch fans had bought, which I thought was pretty classy.

With excited chatter, the concert goers waited impatiently for Falling In Reverse, from sunny Las Vegas, cheering as the techs set up the stage and did sound checks in full view of the audience. When they finally showed, the cheering of mostly screaming young ladies was deafening, and frontman Ronnie Radke whipped the crowd into a frenzy, encouraging them to crowd surf, and rush the stage as confetti cannons blasted the audience with shiny bits of foil, and long streamers. They performed hits such as “I’m Not a Vampire”, “Sink or Swim”, and “The Drug in Me is You”, flawlessly. The Basketball-jersey clad band projected great energy as they performed, using every square inch of the stage, and Radke’s vocal range was astounding, ranging from guttural growls to high-pitched cries.

At one point, they had members of the crowd attempt to make baskets through hoops that formed the backdrop and framed the drum kit with inflated pool toy basketballs. Even when the people didn’t make a goal, they were still tossed a FIR shirt, which was cool. The audience loved Falling In Reverse, singing along to every song, including some from Ronnie’s old band, Escape The Fate, my favorite “Why Do Good Girls Like Bad Guys”, and even a rap song. If FIR were the only band that night, their act alone would have been worth the admission price, but the best was yet to come.

FIR thanked the crowd, and a big curtain was drawn across the stage, as the techs readied Black Veil Brides gear. The crowd chanted their name like a mantra, eager to see the main attraction. When they finally came on, CC took to the drums amid dramatic lighting, then the rest of the band made the stage, prompting crying, and shouts of “marry me!”

Vocalist Andy Biersack led the crowd through songs like “Faithless,” “Heart of Fire” and “Rebel Love Song” holding the mic stand out over the audience, who knew every word by heart, to sing with him. He would occasionally pause and strike a pose, pointing at, and subsequently melting the heart of random fans with his movie star smile. The fact these guys hail from Hollywood was very evident, as they put on such a show.

Andy did not hog the limelight, however, as each of the band had some solo piece, at one point Jinxx was even playing a violin, and Andy took time to introduce some of his family members who live in the Orlando area. They also thanked the fans for selling out the venue, and for ensuring that their new self-titled album debuted at #10 on the Billboard charts. They played their final song, then exited the stage, leaving fans screaming for an encore, until BVB came back out and played the popular “In The End”, which seemed a fitting end to an awesome show.

We had been on our feet for four hours, sweaty and sore with our voices hoarse and raspy, but we would have done it all over again in a second. My only complaint is that HOB is a bit small, perhaps next time Black Veil Brides comes to Orlando, they should sell out an arena instead.

Philip Snyder

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